26 - The First Bad Apple

Household Status: 
Liam Messorem - Daddy, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Adilyn Messorem - Mommy, Witch, Young Adult.
Blaze Messorem - Boy #1, Werewolf, Young Adult.
Brylee Messorem - Girl #1, Witch, Young Adult.
Bastian Messorem - Boy #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bethany Messorem - Girl #2, Werewolf, Teen.
Bentley Messorem - Boy #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Benny Messorem - Boy #4, Witch, Teen.
Belle Messorem - Girl #3, Werewolf, Teen.
Brielle Messorem - Girl #4, Witch, Child.
Briony Messorem - Girl #5, Witch, Child.
Bianca Messorem - Girl #6, Werewolf, Child.
Beona Messorem - Girl #7, Werewolf, Child.
Brighton Messorem - Boy #5, Witch, Toddler.
Brett Messorem - Boy #6, Werewolf, Toddler.

Bastian: Agh! It's too noisy!
No one is even cutting gems anymore...?

Oh and Bastian's painting of a little girl is complete.
Seems even a girlfriend will not stop Bastian from pursuing his love of women through art.

Bianca starts to work on her childhood cooking skill.

And Beona is officially challenging Belle's reign as autonomous queen. (claps hands officially).

Brylee put the littlest ones to bed, she's such a good big sister, and she helps so much around the house.

Bastian writes a love note to Frances on the table... (that is MAHOGANY)!

I'm trying to fill as many wishes as I can! This point system has spurred me on to start achieving instead of just drifting!

Back to painting for Bentley and Bastian.

Beth is slowly smelting all of her haul from her hunting sprees.

She's got a long way to go at this point.


Belle ended up spinning around in place after being returned, looking paranoid.

Then she gave this impressive scowl.

Like-father, like-daughter.

Then she stomped in to play some chess with her daddy and to get a chat with him in, granting her one of her saved wishes of talking to her father.

Adilyn is SUPER cute while she paints.

Brylee's painting is almost done.

He's painting my Inquisition picture! I knew you had some good paintings up your sleeve!

There it is in all it's glory.
Bastian, of course, is painting... you guessed it... a girl.

Bianca and Beona crawled out of bed the next morning, Beona looks so hopeful on the top bunk.

Crows are probably my favorite bird in this game, so Brylee is keeping this one for now.

Liam and Adilyn get some romantic time in the morning.

This is Edward, the boy who was dating Frances and who is now snubbing Bastian.
Remember how I joked last chapter, or the chapter before, about how Edward should just run off with Helen (who is snubbing Beth for taking Joseph) because they were the last two non-Messorem babies in town? Well... turns out they're brother and sister.
Guess the apples don't fall far from the tree?
Or two birds of a feather?
Whichever phrase fits here.

Bastian's girl painting is all done! Now I wonder what he'll paint next...
Spoiler alert: it's another lady.

I've honestly taken to leaving the kids alone and as such I often find them when checking on the teenagers. Here's Beona and Bianca having a chat.

Brighton and Brett are working on their skills.

Liam is getting closer to maxing Logic as part of his Tinkerer LTW.

NO surprises here anymore. Just Brylee being Brylee with her usual death wish.

The painter boys grab some food together. Lol, these two should probably just become BFFs. Ever since they grew up into teens they've been mutually chained to an easel.
Misery loves company, right?

LET THE RECORD SHOW - it's not all misery. Here Belle is pillow-fighting with Bastian.
See? I let them have fun, too.

I've discovered a secret for this gigant-a-normous household! A lot of kids rolled a wish to talk to Adilyn or get attention from her, so I plopped her in front of the TV, and told everyone who wanted to to join her! Happy kids all around and minimal movement from me!

The dishwasher broke, bringing Liam to 7 Electrical Repairs and 7 Plumbing repairs. Hitting 10 in each will mean the next time he fixes any electrical/plumbing (respectively) object it will no longer break! Sweet!

Given this, the house is as chaotic as ever.

Bentley snuck away to paint some more, he's actually painting the girl painting Bastian finished earlier.

I love Benny's adorable thinking face! 😍

One dishwasher finished, some trash being taken out by Bethany - despite all the chaos... this household has a smooth-running underbelly.

Briony bored her sister by talking about her own achievements - lol, ode to fun with a Diva sister!
I never had a sister growing up, but I'm pretty sure most people who HAD sisters would argue that MOST sisters are divas...
This one is just extra.

Wahooo! Liam is already level 9 handiness so we're almost there for this LTW!

Brylee has been working tirelessly on getting a perfect garden going so Adilyn and Liam can take that LTW down. She stopped to sneak some sweet honey in as a treat before I could send her in to get food and thus spoiled her dinner!

Daddy gets some time with his youngest boys, Brett and (not pictured) Brighton. It's 1 day before Brielle and Briony age up to Teens, and 2 days before Beth, Bastian, and Bentley age up to YA and move out (as I'm basically done with all of them, minus portraits).

Bentley had a moment of randomness and transformed into a werewolf for... no apparent reason.

Bastian was too busy to give a shit (literally) so no one freaked out (a first!).

Liam went to pound some knowledge into a sprinkler so that it would know when to turn on and off in the morning.
I dunno, I figure that's how that must work?
Pound sprinklers with hammer = automatic watering system?

Brylee is gorgeous. Nothing new here, I was just admiring her, really.

Tooooldya it's another giiiiiiirl!

Belle is also painting, though her paintings (due to her Insane trait) are much weirder.

I sent Liam to upgrade one of the All-In-Ones and:

Right on!

I followed this up with an insta-complete in Renaissance Sim. Two more in the bag for Liam! I then changed his LTW to Perfect Mind, Perfect Body (Logic/Athletic).

Benny keeps rolling wishes to fish, and hell, why not try to knock out some more LTWs while I'm at it. Benny already completed the LTW Culinary Librarian so he was just kicking back for a while - why not put him to use catching perfect fish?

The eldest twins work together in the garden, and Bentley grabs the mail for everyone, let's see what we got:

BLAZE has a love letter! Eeeeeep!
Oh, but she's a teenager. Awkward.
Guess that's a no, poor dear.

.... BENTLEY? Frances you got the WRONG brother!

*Squints at her* you two-timing-!

Liam pops up and gets to work on his athletic skill. It's right about here I realize I'm not really happy with the layout and know I need to make an addition to the house.
Instead I live in denial for a few more minutes.

Belle began work on her next oddball painting.

Benny got hungry from fishing and decided the fridge was running low anyways so he began to cook to restock it.
*Liam wishes to go for a jog, I send him just outside*

Adilyn: (goes into labor on the front lawn)
Me: ah, shit.

Liam: (sounds of breaks screeching as he halts in doorway from his jog).


13 kids and he is STILL not used to this!

The backyard is popping with siblings.

I break down and finally add the garage. Four attempts at a roof and I finally settle on one I'm ok with and there we have it.

Beth is still smelting it - go! Go! Go!
When she's done the glass blowing machine will be moved to the empty space in the garage. I'm just too lazy to empty her queue for the sake of moving it, so it waits.

Aw, look at you, cutie!

Liam returns to his athletics and races up the ladder! I'm super proud of him!

Hooray! That's Bastian's LTW in the bag! He technically doesn't have it locked in yet, but it was always decided as Visionary (Photography/Painting) which he's done both! Now all that's left is to wait for his birthday so we can put in his LTW, insta-complete it, and he and Beth are now done with their LTWs. Bentley is the last of the triplets who need to complete!

Speaking of little skillers - Brighton is making strides towards fully-skilled toddlerhood.

Bentley painted this beautiful picture - it kind of reminds me of him with (insert any one of his sisters, lol).
Bastian is painting...

You guessed it.

The twins have pulled together 6/8 perfect plants for me! I'm going for way more than 8, but so far 8 is a nice number to hit anyways.

I present to you...
the first...
and (hopefully) only...

Single birth in the Messorem household.
This is Brooke, and she is my Bad Apple. This means I will not be able to control her or really even LOOK at her stats. She's a Genius and a Heavy Sleeper.
May the odds be ever in my favor.

Blaze ended up getting tan from being out in the garden so much, lol!

Liam alternates cardio and strength training - never skip leg day, folks!

I have Adilyn give Brooke a bottle and a snuggle and pack her off to a crib for the next three days.

Here's our little men working on their tot skills!

Benny is back to fishing now that the household has calmed a little.

Adilyn now has time to finish her painting she started eons ago. She finished Brylee's painting and I put it down in her museum slot... I forgot to get a picture of it though!

Hahaha! The twins are REALLY rockin' that sun-tan! XD

Joseph decided to send Bethany a little gift! How sweet is that?

The other twin knocks out some peg-box skills and heads for the Xylophones.
We'll wrap this chapter up with a very satisfying image I spent a solid 15 minutes putting together as I placed everything meticulously.

This is the haul that Bethany pulled to complete her LTW. I smelted everything in her inventory and cut all the gems at home - I didn't include the gem dust because I'm not suicidal.
Bethany packed all of them back up with my help and has shipped herself off to the Elixir store to sell them all!
It's almost time to say goodbye!
I sure hope I'm ready for this...


  1. *testing* Nice update! I've never seen those weird paintings Before. =O

  2. Wow, go Bethany! Love that you laid out all the stuff for her - I'm definitely going to do that when we get a pack going. Oops, minor spoiler because in game I'm ahead of posting :P

    I wonder if Bastian's girls are because of his Virtuoso trait? You remind me that I must put my painting replacement mod back in - which one are you using, I haven't seen most of these paintings before.

    Ooh, bad apple Brooke! The first singleton, but that's okay, singles are a good break from all the multiples. Can't wait to see what she looks like!