Chapter 7: Matchmaking Party

We'll start this update with Ara, who is listening to Hip-Hop music and playing a racing game.
Ara is what I call, the cool grandma.

"Hey! I'm not a grandma!"
Not yet at least, and Tessa doesn't seem to be interested in boys much, you might never be a grandma, actually.
"Oh well, I like to believe I'm too young for that."
Sure... You keep telling yourself that and I won't tell you you're in denial.

Aiden has been grinding on his logic skill.

"I thought we talked about completing my lifetime wish?"
Honey, I have two days after today to make it count, and quite honestly you lost your first 4 matches to one person. I have to say it - 'ain't nobody got time for dat.'
"Pfft. I can't believe you."
Sorry dear, I can let you stay here and complete it, but it won't count towards anything if you do or rather, by the time you do, except you wouldn't be able to find love or have children, and I don't want to deny you that in your short lifetime.
"Thanks, I guess?"

Anyways, Sam got invited to a guy friends house afterschool. Dekit didn't, but he's a loner type, so I had him do what all loner-types do...

"Hey maaa? I'm going to throw a party!"
"Say what?"
"A party? There's a lot of girls at school and I think we should see which ones work best with Sam."
"Oh, a matchmaking party?" Ara raised her eyebrows. "Make the call, Dekit."

"Yeah, absolutely! Invite all the girls!"
I checked in on Sam, and made sure he invited the poor guy he went home after school with so as to not be rude, but I found him chatting up his friends mother.

Sam! Quit that! She's old enough to be your mother! In fact, she's likely a day away from elder!
"But she's hot..."
Heh, I find this completely ironic, but none of the readers know of my failed lifestates dynasty. Quick - story time! Remember how I said Ara was a twin? Funnily enough that I forgot about this, her twin who turned out to be the vampire of the family was named Sam. I had completely forgotten about that until I remember that I actually married Sam off to Susie Sackholme (seen above with Sam from this Dynasty) who was a fairy at the time, and they had twins. When I found Sam chatting up Susie I almost died laughing when I remembered the coincidence. Anyways, end of story time.
"That was a lame story."
Oh shush and get home, Dekit's party for you is starting. Don't make his 5k lifetime reward that is unfitting of his traits go to waste.

The girls were arriving! Let's see our candidates!
To start, we have Johanna Dwyer-Lawless.

Positives about her: she and Sam have a spark, she seems into logic, and she's on the rainbow skin slider.

Negatives about her: seems neurotic, an absolute flirt and she has a boyfriend - awkward.

Next, we have Francisca Kelly wait, wait... what's going on here?


Scribbles her out of notes. Awww. Ok, so moving on.

Next is Fatima Dolan O'Shea.

Pros about Fatima: GENETICALLY INHERITED FRECKLES, rainbow skin, interesting features, party girl (could possibly be a con).
Cons: I'm a name-ist. I think her name is a little too strange. I completely admit that's a huge turn off for me. It's not un-fixable, but it's still a con. She's also a flirt and in a relationship.

Now we have Natalia Sackholme-Cromos.

Pros: gorgeous rainbow skin, interesting genetic background.
Cons: still a child, so I'm unable to determine if she's got interesting genetics to work with.

One of our final contenders: Liliana Eames.

Pros: Rainbow slider genes for the win!
Cons: Older, and is currently pregnant. Though in a few days you'd be amazed at what can change!

Sam had been chatting around the party for a while, meeting a few girls and taking a few numbers.

Dekit got his first kiss and really seemed to meet his match. He was very awkward when talking to her at first, but she was very forgiving and kind. Thankfully, that heat-of-the-moment kiss resulted in something like this:

While Sam's night was going a little something like this:

Of course, the only girl Sam really got on with was his mother.

Then she arrived, and while she wasn't any more special than the other girls there, I had been rooting for her silently.

Ariel O'Connell-Delaney

Pros: She's an absolute doll. Oh. My. Watcher. Gorgeous. That hair, her eyes, just wow. She's a show-stopping stunner.
The cons:

No spark, not at all, in fact, she seemed to be feeling that Sam was awkward for some reason and the first thing he had to do was apologize to her. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because he had been sitting outside her house the previous night trying to meet her?

That really wraps up the list of girls I would feel comfortable with Sam going after, but none of them really stuck out to me more than Ariel, but at the same point she's also not on the rainbow slider which could make for some difficult babies (and I was pretty panicked when Aiden wasn't heir, so as I'm doing the math in my head it doesn't look pretty).

Anyways, let's go ahead and do a general overview of the house and I'll throw up a silly poll to see about a nice wife for Sam.
Tessa has been fishing a lot.

Ara has been working on her gift for Sam.

Aiden's grinding up logics.

And the twins are being teenage boys.

"Wooo! Field trip!"
"Yeah! High-five me broth-a!"

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