Chapter 8: Meeting the One

This chapter was initially split into two parts on the forum I posted to originally, but it'll be all one chapter here instead, so this chapter may seem longer than the others.

Hello Readers, I have quite a story to tell you. I spent a lot of time on this file one night, I sent Sam over to both Fatima's and Ariel's houses on separate days and did similar interactions to see what would happen. I'll start from the beginning. After the field trip, I hiked Sam over to meet Fatima, she was out in her yard and she was crying. This caught me off guard - I had no idea why. I had Sam cheer her up and console her for a while before doing some mild flirting. I also found out she was recently single, which amazed me as she was taken prior. She openly cried to Sam and suddenly, right before things got too far with them, her great-grandmother (Wynn was somehow still alive) died. She ran inside and Sam watched her cry her heart out from outside.
I felt it would be awful to take advantage of a girl who was grieving so soon, so I sent him home for the night. The next day I sent him over to Ariel's house and started up the exact same treatment - mild small talk moving on to some flirting. Ariel responded neutrally to the flirting, only shrugging her shoulders and nodding while smiling forcefully. Sam couldn't get through to her no matter how hard he tried, and it dawned on me, that he really should be over comforting Fatima rather than wasting his time earning the affections of a girl who was obviously not interested.
I rushed him over to her house and asked her out on a date, they went out and stargazed and autonomously sought out romantic interactions. They were boyfriend and girlfriend by the end of the night and incredibly happy.
Aiden had maxed his logic skill and moved out, Izzy had finished her fishing skill. Ara was still alive and well (with her age bar maxed, but she was managing quite well). I was about to save and set up an update for everyone when suddenly Windows Update minimized my game to tell me I needed to update. When I reopened the game it was frozen, and I had to quit without saving.
At first, I thought I would try to repeat those actions, but I realized that things never happen the same way twice, so instead I openly had Sam pursue Fatima (now Ima, for my sake) and I can honestly say I regret nothing. I just wanted everyone to know why I suddenly gave up on Ariel, because there was a reason! Fatima just seemed to need Sam, and she really opened up to him in a way that nearly broke my heart it was so sad. She's gorgeous and her traits are wonderful. She and Sam are very happy together and well - why don't we just see for ourselves? Anyways, my sad fail-save story is over, so let's see how things really happened.

Where were we now? Oh, right. Teens were on a field trip, Izzy was fishing to finish her last skill for her career, and Aiden was grinding up on logics.

How in the world can you even lift that?
"I have skills."
I guess so...

"I've almost got my skills honed to a fine point."
Should I send your younger brother over to check?
"How about no?"
I thought so. Well no worries, he's a little preoccupied.

Ima just lost her mom, that makes sense as to why she was crying the first go round... but what doesn't make sense is this:

I thought Wynn was the grandmother of Sarah Dolan (who, by the look of Ima, has past)? Weirder things have happened, I suppose. Either way, it seems that this was a chance for Sam to get to know Ima a little better. She had no trouble letting him cheer her up and console her after her loss.

He found out she was single, and well, actions speak louder than words in this case:

I left them alone for a while, as the autonomous romantic actions were flying. Dekit was spending some quality time with his growing-older-every-day mother.

"Hey, I can still hear you, you know?"
Oh I know, you certainly may be getting older but your hearing is still as sharp as ever.
"What was that?"
"Oh, that's nice dear."
I went to check on Izzy fishing some more, she was growing closer to the goal - I'll spare you another picture of her with a rod in her hand not catching anything, because I was suddenly needed elsewhere.

Another death in Ima's family, and by the look on her face she wasn't taking it too well.

I had Sam stay until curfew to keep her company and let her cry, I left them be to take care of Aiden, who recently maxed the logic skill and was about to strike out on his own. I gave him a wonderful makeover and sent him on his merry way.

I'm really going to miss having Aiden in the house, but with Sam and Dekit's upcoming birthdays and the impending marriage of the both of them I'm really going to need the space - especially since Ara is still going strong.
"What was that?"
Nothing dear, go back to playing video games.

With a new day dawning, Izzy was still at her fishing rod, she grew closer and closer every moment. She was at level 9 now, and I couldn't wait to get max another skill so she could finally rest and cruise in her career.

Today was also the twin's birthdays, so I called over Ima to have her celebrate with them after midnight. She and Sam were growing to be inseparable.

Sam also worked on tutoring her in logic, giving her some skill and him some points towards his supermaxing.

Ima listened kindly and intently, she seemed to enjoy spending time with Sam in any form.
Dekit had been calling Francisca but she always seemed busy. He was sad and disappointed, but he put all of his heart into painting. He found out recently that Franny had already aged up, he was determined to catch up with her and make her his bride.

Ima sat down to chat with Ara on the couch, getting to know her future husband's mother gave her even more brownie points in my book - even though I was already 190% sure she was going to be the next generation's spouse. She had to stop for a moment in order to cry, but thankfully Sam had a shoulder ready for her.

They flirted and past time until a little after midnight. For once I wasn't pushing and shoving them onto skill objects - but rather letting them have fun. The three kids lined up at the cakes.

Ima and Sam aged up in very interesting clothes.

Sam preferred to look like his grandfather Quinn whenever he aged up and this time was no different. I actually find it a little funny - Quinn had bright yellow eyes and yellow hair to match, instead of having those colors Sam has a green/blue in both of those places instead.
Sam gained Animal Lover to add to Workaholic, Genius, Easily Impressed and Sailor.
Dekit, whose picture I haven't gotten yet as he was wearing overalls and a messy hairstyle, gained Vehicle Enthusiast to add to his interesting traits of Loves the Cold, Loner, Light Sleeper, and Gatherer.

Ima aged up closely behind everyone, and Sam wasted no time getting her moved in.

Sam quickly dragged Ima off to a remote location to really add her to the family - even before she could find clothing that looked a little less... atrocious.
"Excuse me!"
Hey, do you even like what you're wearing?
"Well, not really."
Exactly. I really want to fix that.
Sam gritted his teeth, "hey, watcher, can you kinda quiet down here, I'm trying to do something important... you know... to carry on the line."
Oh! Right, sorry, carry on.

Dopey face time!

For some reason, these crazy kids couldn't wait a moment longer, they went straight to the movie theater where they consummated their marriage.

With chimes accompanying the orchestra they were touring to see, we have a little one on the way, so I scuttled those two home for a makeover before Ima ended up stuck in those awful clothes.

Honestly, she's a doll as well, Ariel doesn't seem to hold a candle to her anymore. She even has cute mannerisms.

With cute traits to match: Good, Genius, Light Sleeper, Excitable and Savvy Sculptor. She has a lifetime wish of being a surgeon, just like Sam.

Anyways, this update was heavy on the pictures and less on banter, for which I apologize (unless you prefer it that way, then I'm glad you enjoyed it!), things were very hectic as I was trying to speed play the area that I already played once prior, so now that I've got Sam married and got his job and a baby on the way I can finally relax a little. Dekit's chapter is next, the poor bloke was highly ignored in these chapters - not only by me, but by Francisca too! I hope all works well between the two of them, I was hoping for some other children to grow up in the house with Sam's...
Anyways, until next time!

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