Chapter 9: Life of Dekit

I think we're overdue for a little quality time with Dekit, so off to the mirror he went!

Something doesn't seem quite right here... hmmm...
"What's that suppose to mean?"
FACIAL HAIR! You need facial hair.

"Oh wow, yeah that is quite a difference."
Told you so! Now make the call, make the call, MAKE THE CALL!
And just as he did, graduation started - funnily enough, ONLY for Sam. Sam was the only one in the family that graduated. He was voted Most Likely to Achieve his Lifetime Wish, and they all went home.

I also grabbed several shots of Ima who looked amazing in her formal dress.

As well as one of the rest of the gang so I didn't seem to play favorites. Dekit got home though soon after and made the call.

"Hey babe, can you come over! I've got something for you!"
(Sure! I'll be right over!)
A lot of time passed that made Dekit grow uneasy. She hadn't called to cancel or anything, she was just not showing up.
The only other person in the yard with him was Ima, who was still looking incredibly classy in her formal-wear.

"Aww, thank you! You're truly kind."
Ohhh! And she's so sweet! Saaaammm, you picked a good one!
Sam from another room: "Definitely!"
Meanwhile Dekit struggled with his problems of getting a hold of Francisca.
I had him pull his phone out and try again, it was getting dark though, and my plans of having her move in for a sweet wedding ceremony on the lawn were slowly slipping away with time that passed.

I watched Johanna Dwyer-Lawless flip into maternity wear and finally did what all good watchers would do.

Try inviting her OUT rather than OVER.
"Ok... if you say so..."
While he did that, I stood mesmerized by small beauties, mostly Ima.

Who soon had to make a much less pretty face.

"Oh dear, this is awful!"
But it means you're pregnant! You and Sam will be parents soon! This is great! Then I can get you back on track with your career.
"Do you honestly think I'll make it to surgeon?"
Heck yes you will! I'll make it happen, but for now, enjoy the baby!

Anyways, it's time to see what was holding Francisca up as she continued to say "Sure, I'll be right over!" and not show.

Graduation Robes, that would do it. She got stuck at the Civic Center.
"It was awful, there was no way out!"
"Then how did you get here?! I was so worried!"
"I heard someone shout from the sky 'ResetSim Francisca Kelly' and everything went black and I woke up at home! It was like a scary, awful dream!"
"I'm so glad you're safe!"

Funnily enough, Ara got asked on a date, of course I obliged her, as she's getting up there (age bar is officially maxed plus some) and she deserves to do whatever she wants. So guess who turned up to watch her son finally get to the next stage?

Why his mom of course!
"Hi sweetie! I'm totally not crashing your date - I'm on a date too!"
"Have fun you two! I want GRANDNOOBOOS you hear?!"
"Bye now!"

Time for a Dekit/Franny montage.

As for what happens after this I'm not entirely sure. I didn't even look at her traits or lifetime wish!
On to find that out, I guess... and more babies!

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