Chapter 10: Goodbye Ara

So Dekit and Franny came home to celebrate their marriage together in the shower. I didn't hear chimes, but I didn't push. Who knows, maybe she'll end up pregnant? Maybe not. Franny ended up with some nice traits and a lot of baggage. She's an Over Emotional, Good, Genius, Light Sleeper and Friendly Sim, maybe a little too friendly as she has 2 romantic interests on the side. 

Either way, Sam and Ima moved into the house for some one-on-one tutoring in Logic for Sam's supermax and for Ima's logic skill gain.

It wasn't long before my screen panned.
Ara?! Nooo! You can't go yet!

The whole family came outside to mourn her. She gave us the first large tombstone of our dynasty. 

She shook hands with the Grim and calmly left, her time had come, and she knew she had left her children with everything they needed. She had done her part.

She was a great wife, a great mother and most importantly - a great founder. She did everything she could for her children up until the end, and now she rests, side-by-side with the only man she can honestly say she ever truly loved. 

Everyone in the family was heartbroken, but I had to say my heart went out to Ima the most - as she had been mourning for the past week with every death in her family, and just as that moodlet went away it came back for another death.

I debated breaking down and getting a moodlet manager for such occasions, as two days of sadness seemed very great for everyone. With time and the help of one another though, they can bring the moodlet down to a less-devastating one.
However, Ima had to take care of some other business first.

Once she cleaned herself up, she went out to take care of her husband, who wasn't doing too well himself.

They shared a cry and a loving embrace. They both knew there was something bigger coming for them though, so they looked to the future with hope.

"If I wasn't so upset, I would make fun of your melodramatic attitude, watcher."
Hey, you aren't the only one's upset over the loss of Ara, let me deal with my emotions how I so choose!
Sam simply nodded.

Franny and Dekit worked to attempt to comfort each other, but it only seemed to sooth Franny's emotions in the end while Dekit went to paint to sooth his.
Of course I took Franny over to alleviate something that's been bothering me for a while now.

1/2 relationships down, one more to go before I'll honestly let her off the hook for treating Dekit the way she has been.
When she got back from that I gave her a quick makeover. I meant to change her hair too, but I guess it kind of fits her anyways, no?

Dekit had been painting when I realized that he had a similar heart very close by that might understand his grieving a little better than Franny would.

The brother and sister got through to each other much better than anyone else.

For some other information, Franny wasn't the only one with baggage coming into the house - Ima too, had another relationship in her panel.

I was more forgiving of Ima than I was of Franny because Ima only had one, and her relationship was with a high-schooled boy that was obviously prior to Sam, because as she moved in she only had the "naughty" reputation. Franny had done some wild-flirting or SOMETHING that caused her to receive a cheater reputation right after marrying Dekit, and who in the world would have 2 men on the side? I grow more and more weary of their relationship everyday and the cold shoulder she had given Dekit prior to their marriage.
After Ima came home and was, creepily, followed by that boy, she spun into her maternity wear.

Sam immediately wished for a boy while Ima was happily remaining neutral as she played chess. We had yet another graduation today, but something crazy happened.

There was a protest outside of City Hall, while 9 people graduated (I know because story progression tells me when the town needs a graduation because X amount of people are ready, Sam's graduation day was one where 14 people needed to graduate! Now another 9! Crazy!), and not only that, but Liliana Eames went into labor outside of City Hall. Yes. Labor.

But instead of, you know, going to the hospital. She gave birth right there.

However, I thought everyone might enjoy this quick view of Tessa protesting, I've missed seeing her around!

Somehow Dekit and Ima were able to graduate. Ima was Valedictorian and Dekit was "Most Likely to Never Leave the House."
After they got out things got a little messy.

Well, I'll just say that a lot of Sims got to hear a great chant across the land that night.
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