Chapter 11: Triple the Fun?

I finally ended up changing Franny's hairstyle. Things are a little still right now, and I was trying to get myself more attached to her but quite frankly it didn't work. It's very rare that I ever regret a relationship my Sims pursue, but this one seems to be the exception. Dekit tries, he really does, but Franny doesn't seem willing to meet him halfway. Honestly, I have a lot to think about when it comes to them, so I usually just leave them be.

On better new though, Sam and Ima are adorable and inseparable.

Though I had to split them apart for a while, after realizing that a single birth might lead to me having to either adopt another child into the family or have another pregnancy (which would stall Ima's career progress) I encouraged Ima into a time of brainwashing watching TV and listening to kids music.

"What," she paused, "is this?" Her eyes were wide.
Kids channel, love. Let's have twins, ok? So you can get on with your wonderful medical career.
"I'm not so -" She tilted her head at the TV, "wow, look at the dancing bunnies."
That's it, just a couple days of dancing bunnies, now let's check on everyone else while you watch, ok?
"Dancing... bunnies..."

"Woohoo! Yes! Yes! Yes! TWENTY!"
Woot! Now move on to the chemistry table.
"Awe, can't I enjoy this watcher?"
Nope. Mush! Mush!

"Erg, I can't believe this." Sam grumbled.
Careful love, don't singe yourself.
"Careful." He mocked. "Don't singe yourself. Pft, like you actually care."

Anyways, Dekit had been taken by his easel as of late, and even asked if Izzy would let him do Sam's portrait - I guess it's a twin thing.

Looking at it this way... it's definitely a twin thing.

Izzy has also spent a large amount of time away from the easel and in the garden. She's been keeping up with the plants and continuing to plant her mother's cash-crop of choice, Red Berry Beans.

"I'm going to be getting old here soon Watcher. I just want to leave the family safe and stable like mom did."
You're doing a wonderful job, sweetie. You've almost got your lifetime wish.
"You said I'd never complete it."
No, I believe I said we'd give it a try, I didn't say we wouldn't.
"Same difference? Anyways, what's Franny been up to? She doesn't seem to be keeping up with Dekit very well."
Don't remind me.

She was simply playing video games. Dekit had thrown himself into painting though, so I'm not entirely sure what she could be doing.
Sam's portrait was finished, and with great class. I set up the museum and put Ara's diploma and gardening certificate next to her portrait. I decided to add Sam's diploma, high school award and his logic certificate there for good measure.

Ima's stomach was growing, soon it will be time to meet the little one.

Izzy was also having an interesting time - her final birthday, which was both exciting and saddening.

I immediately sent her to get a makeover and she became the normal Izzy once again.

As soon as she was dressed and normal she went back to painting with her younger brother.


"Numb-a fiiiive!"
Keep it up! It's not easy to supermax this skill, but we can do it!
"I'm taking a break to see my wife..."
I wouldn't recommend-

"Ohmywatcher, ohmywatcher, ohmywatcher! The baby! The baby is coming! What do we do!? The baby is coming?! The baby is coming!"
-that. Yes, it's a baby... why don't you go to work early today, Mr. Doctor.
"But the baby!"
I've got it dear, you should probably go.
"Yeah? Yeah. Ok, ok."

Just breathe Ima, I'm right here with you. Let's move into the nursery. Dekit seems much calmer than your doctor husband.
"Ouh, owh! Here it comes!"
Oh dear, I wasn't expecting that... uh... hold on there dear.
"What's going on?! Where did the door go?!"
There's another door, I just... I had to make room for...

"Three?! Three?!"
Just keep breathing doll, please?
"Oh my..."

"Oh, he's beautiful!"
Reid, a loner and a virtuoso, and a candidate for heir, not bad.

"Oh, and two more beautiful girls? How did that happen?"

Rose, Loves the Outdoors and Eccentric, her older sister (if only older by a moment) is Reia who is Brave and a Genius. I believe both also qualify, let's take a look, shall we?

Reia's skin looks normal under certain lights, however it could also just be orange/pink. I won't know for sure until toddlerhood though.

Reid definitely has his daddy's skin. Absolutely potential to be heir.

Finally, Rose, she's definitely not a normal-skinned child. Perfect.

I guess I overestimated the power of the kids channel, she didn't even watch it for that long, but I guess it was enough. I had been hoping for twins, but triplets?! The house is full now, and it's back to being one hectic ride.

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