Chapter 12: Couples Counseling

Ima began adjusting to motherhood like a fish to water.

Er, more like a fish on land, you ok there Ima?
"I think I broke him!"
No, no, he's just hungry and needs a good snuggle.
"Are you sure?"
Trust me on this Ima, I may not be a mother in real life, but I've mothered MANY Sim children in my day. You should ask Howl and Sophie about that one.
"Who are they?"
My Baby Boomer couple, they had to have as many children as physically possible with other restrictions in a certain time-period. They had over 10 children.
Ima's eyes bugged out of her head. "Th-th-that many?! How?! Dear watcher!"
They were both happy and well at the end, so do you trust my judgement now?
"Yeah... definitely."
Then snuggle!

See, like a fish to water, an awkward fish - but a fish nonetheless.

"Oh, I love you dear! Who's mommy's little boy! This isn't so hard now, right?"
You've got it doll, every new mom worries about her actions, I can only imagine how you must be coping with the fact that you have triplets.
"Me too."

On the other side of Dragon Valley, I sent a certain couple I've been worried about to seek some therapy.

One-on-one time alone with nature and no one to bother them - well, except for me, but I have privileges.
So, lets get to work on your-
Dekit held up his hand as they kissed.
Alright... I'll leave you to that.

The romantic interactions were flying and the wishes started to roll. They just needed a break from their duties to spend some quality time together. Things weren't perfect, but they didn't have to be - they both knew they loved each other and that's all that mattered.

Let's flip to Izzy for an important announcement:

"Huh? What? Important announcement?"
Your... promotion?
"I got a what-now?"
Sweetie, you were promoted. You're one promotion away from your lifetime wish, and at the rate you get promotions - tomorrow should be the day.
"That's nice, dear, but can you show me how to use this new-fangled contraption? I can't figure out how to call a taxi to get home."
Should I be worried about you dear? You have a car you know.
"Oh, right, of course I do. Ta-now!"
Note to self: Have Izzy tested for memory loss.

Sam got his first promotion as he got off work, I made sure he ran straight home to see his family. Apparently, doctors don't have to wear shoes, or appropriate pants, but whatever.

"Hey, these are the new and improved scrubs."
Uh huh, aren't you just a donor though?
"I'm a Bed-Pan Cleaner, thank you very much, now if you'll excuse me, I want to kiss my wife."

"How's my woman and our baby?"
"Uh, honey, it's 'babies.'"
"Babies? As in plural?"
"Mhm. Three."
Sam put a finger in his ear and wiggled it. "Sorry, dear, I think I misunderstood you. Did you say three?"
"Yes, three."
"I think I'm going to pass out."
Again, I'm still genuinely surprised, Mr. Doctor, as to why your promotions are coming so quickly.After Sam came out of shock, he went to greet all three of his babies.

"Hello my Rose, aren't you just the most precious thing... asides from your siblings, of course."
Nice save there buddy. Wouldn't want you to be giving your children complexes before they're even toddlers.

"There's my boy! Hello Reid! I'm your daddy!"

"Oh, hello Reia! You and your sister are going to be gorgeous! Just like your mom! All the boys at school will love you! Yes they will!"
Uh... Sam, are you ok?
"And daddy will have to upgrade his chemical weaponry! Yes he will!"
Uh, I think you've had enough of that potions table for now there Sam.
"Nope, I've got to prepare now. Beautiful daughters means war on the rest of mankind whom are all savage beasts."
Ima came in the room. "You used to be a savage beast once you know."
"Exactly! I know exactly what they're thinking! It's not going to happen! Never!"

Well for now, your daughters have their own weapons, why don't you help change their diapers, Mr. Doctor.

Sam and Ima figured that with three babies that have constant needs, it was best to stay as close-by as possible. So Sam worked on improving Ima's logic skill by tutoring her in their nursery.

Dekit and Franny came home much happier and more in love than ever from their trip through nature, and tomorrow was going to be a busy day - for Dekit at least. He would be home alone with triplets while Ima joined Sam at the hospital; Izzy was aiming to get her promotion to level 9 in the Science career, and Franny had styling to do (she does have the fashion phenomenon lifetime wish).

For funsies, and because Franny had to, Natalia Sackholme-Cromos wanted a makeover. Here's what Sam's backup plan looked like:

Erhmygoodness that nose...

Well, that's a little better. Franny definitely has some skills behind a makeover station.

Izzy's lifetime wish has been completed. I'm going to keep her in the Science career to max it out, but I'm just happy to have fulfilled my Izzy's lifetime wish.
"I'm happy too!"
You should be love, you should be.

To finish this update, I had to add another box on top of the fancy upgraded box Ara and Bradan built with their tiberium.

It's mostly the same except now there's a top floor with fancy upgraded stuff too!
On the top floor is now Sam and Ima's master/en-suite. Izzy's master and en-suite. Dekit and Franny's master and en-suite - oh and an Alchemy room. There's also two empty rooms for whenever the need arises and we need more skilling space.
Sam and Ima's room (featuring base game stuff, because I wanted to theme up my rooms, there's also a chess table and a potion table for their logic needs):

Izzy's Room (done up in Master Suite stuff, Izzy's favorite color was pink so I obliged her and gave her an easel):

Dekit and Franny's room (featuring a mixture of Ambitions and store stuff, as Ambitions doesn't have a bathroom set, their skilling stuff takes up most of the downstairs area, so I decided to leave their bedroom open):

The Alchemy Room for future use:

Back downstairs I simply moved some things around and recolored a lot of stuff. Except the Kitchen and Dining Room, those were left completely alone.
The revamped living room (you know, totally re-done, just moved the stereo to the other wall and moved the desk to another room, total renovation, no?):

Here are the back three rooms which used to be the spare bedroom, master bedroom, and nursery:

They've been adjusted to a working area for Dekit and Franny, a REAL nursery with no extra stuff in it, and a kids bedroom for when the twins grow up.

For clarification purposes, or reminders, or whatever.
Sam and Ima have the lifetime wish of becoming World Renowned Surgeons.
Dekit wants to master the Painting and Writing skills.
Franny has the Fashion Phenomenon lifetime wish.
And Izzy completed her lifetime wish of becoming a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.
I have also determined that Reid is the heir, as he was the first born with rainbow skin, I was kind of hoping for one of the girls to be the heir, but I'm trying to follow the rules here and they technically say it's the same for every generation, and I determined that to be the first child born with rainbow skin, which is Reid in this case. Anywho, it'll be great! Thanks for sticking around my crazy multiple updates! Ta-ta for now!

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