Chapter 13: Changes

It didn't take long to decide. I had to have Dekit make the call. He would always be welcome back home if things were to go awry for him, but for the most part, I wanted him to fly away and enjoy his life - even have some children of his own.

So Franny and Dekit decided to move out on their own. It was for the best of everyone.

I waited for a while, then I had Izzy make an important call herself. Tonight was the triplets birthdays, so there would be a lot of cake and interruption in the house.

Izzy also had a wish to upgrade 5 objects, of which she had already done 4 of them, so I encouraged her to finish up that nice wish as well.

So as another happy couple got back from their date, we had a new arrival.

I would like everyone to meet Eliza, Izzy's adopted daughter.

She's got the Vegetarian trait, Athletic trait, and much like her adoptive mother, the Family Oriented trait.

She also has the tendency to dress as a pirate.

Quite the adorable pirate, really.

The adorable pirate whom has to do homework.
"Ah man, I just got here though!"
Sorry love, you'll be on a vacation soon though.

This adorable pirate also got a wish to paint.
Oh darling, you have no idea how much I adore you right now.
"Painting just sounds... fun."
Just... uh... don't mention it to Izzy, kay?
"Uh, ok?"
"Don't you even think about chaining her to an easel!" Izzy stormed.
Hey, in all fairness, she asked.
"Why would you do such a thing Eliza?! You're throwing your life away!"
It's best she wishes for it, then at least I know she doesn't mind when I make her do it anyways.
"You're cruel."
I love you too Izzy. Anyways, I wanted to do something special for you two, is that ok or not?
"Don't you try to butter me up..."

On another note, the triplets all aged up, this was a slow and tedious process, but I think Ima managed it well.
Reid was up first.

He ends up having his mother's hair and eyes with his father's mouth (whom he inherited from his mother, and whom she inherited from Quinn Flanagan. The mouth will live on!) the nose I can never tell at this stage.

Next up by order of birth was Reia.

Reia has an anomaly hair color the shade of puke brown, which was adjusted for my hatred of the puke brown hair color that I have no idea how she managed to get with a mother with grey/blue hair and a father with blue/green hair.

Finally was Rose, who decided to mix things up a bit and start the house on fire. Oh well, I suppose you can't have everything go smoothly when you have triplets, as that would simply contradict the idea of having triplets.

Thankfully, Izzy had the guts to put the fire out before it got out of hand. Insurance paid us $280 for damages (though the cost of the counter was $500 and the the cake was another $30, so way to fail insurance!) and after a few clicks and some replacement things were back on their way and Rose finally became a toddler.

She is - much to the delight of her father - a complete carbon copy of her mother. In this case I'm very sure that nose is her mother's, as is that mouth, eyes and hair. Adorable, really.

Unfortunately readers, that's all I have for you as I have an interview tomorrow and my nerves are all in a twist about it.
Oh - asides this - Dekit and Franny have announced their first pregnancy. I had a feeling this would all work out, and it did.
Next stop for the Nixs' - a vacation! Where that will be has yet to be determined, but I suppose you'll find out next time with us! Ta-ta now!

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