Chapter 14: The Many Faces of Toddlers

Izzy was put to work at training our heir, he needs all the help he can get to get a nice head start, but with Izzy training him (thanks to the greatest trait of all time - Family Oriented) it's really a breeze.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ima worked on Reia and Rose (respectively) teaching them to talk.

In record time, Sam was potty trained.
"Thank goodness for that." Izzy sighed loudly.
Talking time!
"Can't I spend time with my daughter now?"
Not yet, you're going to France tomorrow afternoon after Sam gets off work, you'll get all the time you could possibly want with her there, ok?

Now I'm going to give you a brief glimpse into the minds of our toddlers:
(Oh! Dolly!)

(Dolly don't look too good, Dolly should have the problem removed. Hold still Dolly.)

Rose, growing disgruntled. (Dolly! Why won't your head come off! Your head is a problem!)

(Why. No. Come. Off?!)

Rose breaks down into disgruntled cries and continues to smash the doll into the dollhouse.

(Hm, blocks. If I remember the steps right it should be... step one: put block in mouth to ensure entry into correct shaped hole.)

(Step two: look up at the sky and try to bang block into correct shaped hole.)

(No, no, no! Why no fit?! Fine. Restart. Look up and put other block into correctly shaped hole.)

(No, no! I missed step one! Now I have to start all over again. Step one: put block into mouth.)

(Step two: put in correct hole.)

(No! No! No! Wah!) Reia bursts into tears and cannot tolerate the growing frustration.

(Oh look! A thing! It looks like a lolly! I should put it in my mouth!)

(Bleck! Why no taste like lolly? You look like a lolly...)

Growing frustration. (Why you no lolly?!) Bangs the stick into the xylophone.

(Ohmygosh what was that?!)

(It made noise! Do it again! Do it again!)

Anyway, back to your regular viewings.
Triple potty training!

Oh, what's that? Oh, Eliza came home, she's now doing her homework - with an A in school after only a day! Yes, I am bragging.

"Thank you!"
Are you ready to party in France?!
You've only been here a day and you've definitely earned it!
Oh! Sam's home! Sam's home! Sam's home! Make the call Izzy!

"Yes, four tickets to Champs Les Sims please, and hurry, I think the toddlers are plotting something!"

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