Chapter 15: Hello From France

The arrival in France lent me the opportunity to have Izzy and Eliza get to know each other. One thing Izzy always regretted was not really getting to be friends with her adoptive mother until she was fully grown.

A few chats and pillow fights seemed to alleviate the fear of never getting to know her daughter.

By the end of the first hour they were fast friends. They had a shared bond now.

Sam has been diligently working to get his 30 hours of skill tutoring in.

Ima loves her husband, so she's happy to oblige him. Though Sam is working hard on his skilling, I want everyone to know that it is really by choice. This vacation does have some requirements I need to get done in, yes, but I'm also doing my very best to fulfill every wish I possibly can while here.
Including the fact that both Izzy and Eliza wanted to meet a local and visit the Cafe and Nectary respectively.

Izzy met her local in the France-Fashion, while Eliza settled on a casual wave.

Izzy wanted a fulfilled life and I wanted a house for the rest of my generations to come to to skill later on, so we both agreed on some light adventuring. I decided I would do basic tombs with her, but mostly just asking others on dates. Izzy had so many Lifetime Happiness points saved up that I was able to buy her the observant reward AND the attractive reward without even putting a dent in it.

Night was beginning to fall on their fist day (of six) there, and Ima and Sam went outside for a change in scenery.

It was funny though, apparently Ima maxed her logic skill on Sam's tutoring before he was finished with the challenge. In panic, I had him learn the photography skill to tell her about when suddenly I realized there was another who wouldn't mind listening to her uncle ramble on about logic - not to mention it made them fast friends.

Also, Izzy and I became very perplexed when we saw a chubby man with a six-pack... can someone explain this?

"That is just wrong on so many levels."
Be nice Izzy!
"Aw, please. I'm old dear, I can say whatever I want. I'm taking full advantage of the fact that old people don't need filters."
It's kind of funny how true that is.
Meanwhile, I noticed some of the other tourist were getting eyes for Ima while Sam's back was turned, I promptly decided to fix this issue.

"What's the French word for 'back off, she's mine?'"
I would say "No" is a pretty universal word.

While Eliza slept, Izzy went out to do some minor tomb searches, unfortunately this took a lot longer than expected because the Watcher was trying to keep up with both her AND Sam staring on his Chess Matches for his supermax.

Which, by the way, is a very difficult thing to when everyone who ever lived in France is trying to use that very same chess board.

So here's an Izzy/Sam montage:

Izzy also got a chance to work on her Nectar Making (for a quest, of course):

For those of you who are worried, Ima was spending some quality time with her niece.

Sam was also at Rank 3 in the chess division.

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