Chapter 16: Returning Home

Sam was still working diligently on his chess matches while Izzy scrambled to max her Visa, which was proving harder than she anticipated.
"More like harder than YOU anticipated m'dear."
Don't remind me. Keep schmoozing!

Sam had now reached 19 chess matches, which means this next win should be his final win. I was about to have him call them over, when I was informed that his next chess match was with Izzy.
Who has only 2 skill points in logic.
Not Ima, who was maxed in the logic skill and adept in chess... but Izzy, who only had the logic skill because I didn't cancel a tabcast action.
I'm just saying that out of all the people in the household, it chose the person who had the least amount of skill in chess to be the final chess partner. Even Eliza has more logic skill than you do, and she only got it from listening to Sam ramble for a few hours...
Izzy simply rolled her eyes. "Well I'm not done 'schmoozing' so you better give Sam something to do while he waits."
He's already got that covered.

After their quality bonding time, Eliza had a similar bonding experience with Ima while they chatted about girl stuff.

From across the room.
"So that's how I always win at pillow fights."

I also got a picture of Izzy and Sam battling in chess allowing Sam to reach Grand Master Rank and another checkmark on his list for supermaxing.

They all celebrated in a mutual bonding zone.

Poor Izzy though, eventually had to return to hardcore adventuring for her visa points, and that did not bode well.

But after all her hard work, and with only 5 hours to spare on the clock, Izzy reached level 3 and made the call to buy a house.

They now had a little home in France that future descendants could come to for skilling or a retreat.

Izzy and Eliza celebrated in their usual bonding way.

And they all returned home and had to trek through the mountains.
"I'm," panting, "going to file a petition with the mayor to move the airport closer to town." Ima breathed.
"Suck it up dear, I'm elderly and I'm handling this better than you!"

Life then returned to Abby-normal for our dear friends.
Eliza painted.

The triplets continued to suck the life and souls away from all those old enough to care for them need skilling and help.

Today was Eliza's teen birthday though, so I grabbed one more picture of her as a child to get a last memory of her beautiful pirate outfit.

She took to her cake and grew up to gain the Handy trait, just like her mother.

She aged up in a bit of a fashion disaster.

"Fix me. Now."
So I gave her a dramatic artistic look, in hopes to encourage her down that path.

"I think I want to master the logic and handiness skill..."

Throw in painting, and you've got yourself a deal.
She thought for a moment. "Ok."
So I pushed her back to the easel, this time with handiness tabcasts.

Great news for everyone! Tessa finally had a baby! It's a boy named Elias, his father is out of the picture and Tessa sometimes possibly begs for him to come back by stalking him outside his home... but she seems happy with her new boyfriend - Kearney Dolan-O'Shea!

Yes, he's somehow still alive. Tessa also lost her nice hair when she aged up to full adult, oh well, she still is as striking as ever.

Reid has maxed his xylophone skill, so I pushed him for the peg-box, because I already have several dozen logic-seeking Sims in this house, so why not throw in a few more. Seriously, let us reflect on our logic learners. Obviously there is Sam and Ima who are attempting to become surgeons, Eliza wants to max that and handiness, Reia gained the genius trait and that may end up being the only skill-oriented trait she gets (who knows, anything goes with a toddler) and some of the only careers that involve music require logic. Logic has consumed this family, so I will let you enjoy these adorable pictures of Reid on his peg-box.

Because of Reia's genius trait I decided to take her to the Library with Auntie Izzy to work on some skill books in both painting and logic because, why not?

At the end of this challenge I'll likely never want to see another easel or chess table ever again.
Or Chemistry Table for that matter... how's it going there Sam?

"Two more after this."
Thank goodness. Hey, I think Eliza could use some tutoring for school, maybe you should go down and help her out? You do have a day off together.

"I haven't even been to highschool yet and you're trying to tutor me in things I'm not even sure I'll be taking?"
"Better safe than sorry, so about that advanced number theory..."

I'll finish this update with Ima, who is taking on the torch and started tending to the garden. Next up will be Sam and Ima's adult birthday, the triplets' birthday as well as a possible death as Izzy is a day away from maxing her age bar. May she live long and stay with us.

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