Chapter 17: Let Them Eat Cake (Part One)

Little Reid has proven himself to be quite the toddler-skill master over these two days of him being a toddler. Learning all of his needed skills plus the xylophone and now the peg-box is showing him to be a hidden genius.

"It's obvious who he gets that from." Sam beamed.
"Oh yeah, who's that?" Ima raised her eyebrows.
"Oh... why his beautiful mother of course!" Sam gave a nervous smile.
"Uh-huh, I thought so."
Smooth there, Sam.
The triplets, after learning all of their skills, got to spend some time together playing with blocks before they aged up the next day.

Seeing as Sam randomly gets called in to work, he gets various amounts of extra work performance, this time I noticed he was near the top, so I encouraged him to call and invite his boss over to ask for a promotion.
While we waited on that, Ima went to work in the garden with the help of Izzy who was determined to make the most of her final days.

"I want to teach my daughter how to drive, become best friends with her, upgrade something and reach level 10 in my career."
Hmm, we'll work on it.
"Darn straight you will. I'm not leaving this Sim-Earth until you do."
Considering you don't go to work for 4 more days I'm a little nervous you may not make it.
"I told you, I'm not leaving this Sim-Earth until you do!"
Ok then, so where shall we start? Oh look, Aiden's here, do you have that friendship elixir for Sam?
"Absolutely! The last one Ara ever made."
With that plus a bit of schmoozing, Sam made his move.

"So can I please have that promotion?"
"Sure! Absolutely!"
"Sweet! Hey boss, are you ok?"
"I feel all light..."

Can't tell if that was a waste of an elixir or very much worth it...
"Oh," Sam was sobbing. "I'm so sad."
You literally just became friends with the guy!
"Oh, now I'm happy! Yay!"
What the hell is wrong with you? Oh, it's your birthday. Happy birthday to you, and Ima too.

Eliza was happily painting and listening to her lifetime wish fulfilling tabcasts.

Once everything settled down, everyone took a long ride in the Motive Mobile and came back home relaxed and ready to tackle the night. The triplets ran back to the block table but had some complications.

Sam was much too busy reading in his medical journal to be alarmed at his children's double-jointedness.

Aren't you a little concerned?
"Huh? What? Oh, they'll grow out of it."
Dawn came, it was Friday, which meant school for Eliza and work for Sam and Ima. Izzy had the day off since she adopted Eliza, so she was home with the triplets. It was also their birthdays. In my fear of losing Izzy while she was doing important babysitting, we set up the cakes right away.

Alright then, (clears throat):
Reid was up first to the cake as our heir.

He aged up perfectly well and gained the Inappropriate trait. That will make for an interesting musical career!

He got his makeover.

Reia was up next to the cake, being the middle born child.

She aged up quickly and gained the Supernatural Fan trait. My gears are turning in my head. She is predetermined as my artist and logic skill builder, but now alchemy? This child will have a busy life.

She got her makeover:

And finally we have our last child up to the cake: Rose!

She ages up beautiful to gain the Dog Person trait. As my inventor, I am pleased she hasn't gotten many other skill-oriented traits to block out her inventing! She's also the only child to age up with perfect fashion choice. I did change it though as it didn't fit her personality and I had just put those exact clothes on her sister.

Her makeover:

(Sighs with relief) And so my readers, I'm out of space but not out of pictures, so I shall have to continue this update with a second one following. Ta for now!

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