Chapter 18: Let Them Eat Cake (Part Two)

So after the birthday of the triplets, childhood was in their grasp it was time to start the valuable skilling. I sent Rose up to her new workshop to begin working on her inventing. I immediately bought scrap over her searching for it to save time.

Reid couldn't work on his main skills (instruments) until he's a teen, so I had him focus on logic as a back up skill. He and Reia were racing to see who could max it first, both going at it differently. Reid used tabcasts and the chess board while Reia used tabcasts and the easel to work on her other skills.

Doing that caused Reia to roll the lifetime wish of Renaissance Sim which was perfect for her, so she took it.
I also started to work on Izzy's list of wishes. She upgraded a stereo for Tessa and took it to her.

She came right home and chatted with her daughter.

When that wasn't enough to reach best friend status, I had to send out the big guns.

Ima and Sam came home from work and began tutoring their children.

This caused Sam to complete his second to last skill challenge for Logic, meaning he's almost supermaxed.
I kept true to my word and let Izzy teach Eliza how to drive, hopefully Izzy's long life will also continue even after her daughter nearly murders her in the car.
"Excuse me, I'm a good driver."
"BREAK! BREAK! BREAK! Oh dear, you almost gave me a heart-attack."
Told you.
Oh, and during all of this craziness, we had our first butt-fire.

No worries, she was shipped to the shower as soon as she was done looking so depressed about the whole situation.
Reia was rising in the ranks of both Painting and Logic.

Izzy also had a wish to paint a brilliant painting, which was accomplished like such:

Tutoring raises relationships between two Sims, so when Sam got his last hour in for tutoring, I sent him upstairs immediately to grind out those last two potions. Ima, however, wished to be best friends with her Son, so I sent her to finish tutoring him.

At the break of dawn and the lifting of curfew Rose slid out of the house to hunt for scrap. She ended up meeting a pretty little girl there too, could this be Reid's potential wife?

She's looking for scrap too, so as far as Rose is concerned, she's the perfect fit.
Reid reached his A but not his best friend status, so he and his mom also brought out the big guns.

Phew, lots of stuff going on around here. I wanted to ensure everyone had great moods so I installed quite a few more stereos that are constantly playing and implemented a thing I haven't in a long time: laundry.
Of course, Izzy was first to wish to upgrade it, so we did.

Reia also had a wish to befriend her parents, so I let her take a break from her level 6 painting and her level 8 logic to do so.

Reid switched to the telescope to start searching the galaxy.

"Oh, look a star!"
"Dad tried to warn me about this..."
Rose also made her first crafted toy, followed by her last butt-fire as a child.

Up next: teen birthdays and prom - for once, all of the children of this generation will be attending! Woohoo!

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