Chapter 19: To Prom!

The triplets are all lined up for their birthdays. I'm a little distracted as I attempt to get Sam his promotion to level 7 in the medical career, so I'll just go ahead with the lineup:
First was Reid, who stepped up to his teen birthday.

He ended up with Shy to go along with Loner, Virtuoso, and Inappropriate. It's quite the interesting pair of traits.

Here's his everyday wear:

And his Prom attire:

Next came Reia, who was looking quite studious.

She gained the Hate the Outdoors trait to go along fabulously with Brave, Genius and Supernatural Fan.

Here's her everyday wear:

And her Prom attire:

Finally was Rose, who was sweet and patient as usual.

She grew up to add Light Sleeper to the traits: Loves the Outdoors, Eccentric and Dog Person.

I didn't grab one of her everyday wear (shoot, I knew I missed one), but you'll see it soon. Here's her Prom attire instead:

Phew, birthdays with the triplets have been quite the handful. So, as I was saying, Sam was working to get that promotion.

Thankfully this boss didn't die after giving it to him.
Reid took up the guitar, he immediately got a wish to be a One-Sim-Band, and I took it because why the heck not? He'll likely become a Rock Star.

He doesn't have many fans at the moment, but I can assure you his mother will always be front and center at all of his performances.

"Woo! Go Reid! I love you Reid!"

I had an important potion delivered to Reia.

She immediately went upstairs to begin her alchemy studies.

And not two seconds after Rose got upstairs...

Let the butt-fires commence. As soon as she put that one out it wasn't an hour later that I was pulled to her yet again.

The teens all then left for Prom. I realized I likely didn't grab a picture of Eliza's dress, so here it is:

*Clears throat* ok so Reid was announced Prom King after he rigged all the votes in his favor, saw someone else wearing his same tux, had his crush show up with another person, had a wardrobe malfunction and got rejected for a dance. Eliza saw her crush show up with another person to the dance, but met a cute boy named Virgil instead whom she impressed with her dance moves. Reia was announced Prom Queen but shortly after had someone step on her foot which caused her to spring into a fight, she was denied for a dance 3 times and worried that aliens were coming for her. Finally Rose, Rose had a suitor all night, which I thought was adorable because he had just called her to ask her on a date previously and said he thought she was cute, Julius made sure Rose was well taken care of all night, Rose saw someone wearing her same dress, but shrugged it off as she won a dance competition (which the loser then decided to fight with her because they lost).
Here are their Prom pictures:

While all of that sounds exciting, the saddest news came from home.

Izzy begged for her life because she only needed one more day to max her career, something I feared I wouldn't be able to do. Her lifetime wish was achieved, but level 10 of the Science career had evaded her.

She now rests next to her mother, the founder of this great dynasty.

That's all I have room for, unfortunately. Next time, Eliza ages up, Sam and Ima may possibly max their career and a lot more skilling!

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