Chapter 20: The Search Begins

The day after Prom was Eliza's birthday. She was still upset by the loss of her mother, but she was starting to accept the shortness of their lives.

"Blah, blah, blah. Whatever you say Watcher."
Hey, you might want to be nice to me, considering you aged up in a serious fashion tornado that did not treat you favorably."AH! Help! I take it back! I take it back! Please get me out of these hot pants - that is, unless a guy is looking?"
Aaaand you've gained the Flirty trait. I'll be sure to put that one to good use as soon as your high-school romance ages up.

So, you're a young adult now... what would you like to do?
"I want to upgrade something!"

Man, I wish everyone wasn't at Rabbit Holes at the moment, this is ridiculously boring.
"You didn't have to grant my wish..."
Just UPGRADE THE PLUMBING! Once you're done with that and you paint Reid's picture you're free to leave the nest and marry and whatever else you want to do.
Well, it depends on if the readers are ok with it, but I'm sure they will be, so MUSH. Oh good the kids are home!
Reid has been working on his Guitar magic.

Rose has been working on improving her buttfires er, no that isn't right. Rose has been working to improve on smashing her fingers. Nope, that still isn't it. Rose, what are you working on, exactly?
"Har har har. Funny watcher thinks she's got the last laugh... but we'll see when I finally make that time-machine." Rose grumbled.

What wasn't shown in pictures was Rose decided to throw a "Let's find Reid a Mate" party. So I invited eligible bachelorettes and bachelors to come to visit.
There weren't very many.
Reia was working against the clock to make a few friendship elixirs for when Reid finds "the one."

Thankfully, I don't believe "the one" was there.
The only good looking Sim there was Calvin, and he's a guy.

There was a few girls that showed up, but to me it seemed like they fell out of the ugly tree.

This next one, don't be fooled as I was! She looks striking at first glance, but really... she's got one huge honker!

And Reid didn't have a spark with either of them.

Which probably contributes to why I can't remember their names...
However, Loraine Dwyer-Lawless seems to be a good potential candidate... if she wasn't a zombie, that is.

Sam and Ima work late shifts, so when they came home to a roaring party they were stunned.
"I thought we left Eliza in charge!?" Sam boomed. So Sam ran to confront Eliza. "Why did you let them throw a party?! It's a school night!"
Eliza continued upgrading the sink, not paying any attention.

"Tell me?"
"Oh hey Sam, when did you get home? And when did it get so dark? Why do I have to pee really bad?"
She's been upgrading things non-stop all day Sam, cut her some slack. There now dear, I think you need a ride in the Mobile before you continue your list of upgradable things.
Eliza only nodded slowly.
Back upstairs, now that the party has subsided, Reia went back to being more studious, and read her school book.

And Rose had another buttfire which promptly caused her to freak out in place.

Then calmly walk over to the shower.

And finally commence freaking out while putting herself out.

Until she was left feeling defeated once again.

"You win this time, buttfires. You win."

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