Chapter 21: Future Plans

Reid came home from school the next day and made an important phone call.

"Yes, come over immediately! It's urgent!"

Sam got a promotion and is one away from mastering his Lifetime Wish. Unfortunately, he won't be able to do so until after he ages up to elder, but then he can enjoy retirement.

"Shhhh, I'm trying to read and absorb this medical book."
Stop shhh-ing me. I need to get on with this update, and you should get home.

In more informative news: Rose makes adorable faces.

"I know, right? Now can you get out of my face? I need to finish making this time machine!"
You realize that's a Floor Hygenator, right? I ordered you to make many of those.
"Curse you, Watcher!"
If it makes you feel any better, your brother can't seem to figure out which way is the correct way to face when playing the drums.

"I get shy if people stare at me! So sue me!"
I'm pretty sure shy isn't one of your traits...
Reid shrugged, and kept banging away.
This is Reia as she buys elixirs from the Elixir store... really, she isn't talking to herself... at least... I think so?

"Uh... is anyone here?"
"What? Can't you see me?"
"Hello? Uh, well I want every Elixir you have in stock, and then some."
"Here you go, ma'am."
"Oh look! Every elixir... hey wait, if you're invisible that means I don't have to pay you, right?"
"Nope. Pay up."
"Drat, oh well, here, I'm going to sell of these back to you."
"Bye Invisi-man!"
"I didn't think you could-?! Ugh."
Notice: Reia has maxed the Elixir Self-Employed Career! Woo!

Eliza is awesome and is one skill point away from mastering both Logic and Handiness, which will be her lifetime wish.

And Reids important visitor finally arrived.

So he got right to work with telling her why it was urgent.

Yes, very urgent.

They're going to be pretty cute together, though fingers crossed that I don't end up with ANOTHER pink baby.

Though I'm not getting my hopes too high about that one.

Now, for the future plans the title alludes to.

This cute little green-boo is sitting below her pregnant mama - the wonderful Ariel O'Connell-Dellaney (which got shortened somehow to O'Connell-Del, and I don't know why). Her name is Olga, and while I debated letting this sweet little thing grow up to be Reid's wife (and I haven't completely kicked the idea either) I do know that she's going to move in and eventually marry into the line somehow. Even if that means her children will be the ones to do it.

Ohmygosh she's perfect.
For now though, Steph will have to do, even if they aren't attracted to each other - they at least don't seem to mind being together, and Reid did roll a few wishes for her, but that usually happens with new romance.

Don't get me wrong, I like Steph. I don't like that she's a slob, and I don't feel she's just perfect for Reid... but I do like her, and she could definitely grow on me.
As soon as she left I got the notice that Eliza maxed the handiness skill.

Halfway there! Time to grind out the logics, paint Reid's portrait and move on out of here!
"Gee, I don't feel rushed at all."
Great! Now could you hurry that up? I need to get Ms. O'Connell Del in here soon.
Eliza sighed hard.

The next day was Sam and Ima's birthday. I realized Ima had to work late at night so I went ahead and bought her a cake so her progress wouldn't be interrupted by a birthday. I probably didn't have to do that, considering what happened afterwards, but we'll get to that.

"Stop this! Don't watch me get old! Ahhhghhh!"
I gave her a makeover to make her look more like the Ima we're used to.

Sam still loves her though - new wrinkles and all.

In fact, he'll be just as wrinkly later. Ima got a call in to work for an emergency and when she came back I realized she had enough performance to ask her boss for a promotion. Who's her boss you ask?

"Hey sweet-cakes, I've been working really hard and stuff, and I'm kind of your wife... you should promote me so I don't die without fulfilling my dreams."
"Works for me."
I feel like this is nepotism, but whatever works.
Ima thanked her boss greatly in the way she knew how.

Definitely nepotism.

For the final news in this update:

Congratulation, dear Eliza. Your mom would have been so proud of you.
Until next time, everyone.

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