Chapter 22: Lot'ta Birthdays

Based off of the title of the chapter, there's a whole lot'ta birthdays in this update. I should also likely set up a family tree, as there's now a lot of family to go around thanks to Story Progression. As my pictures upload for this chapter, some family fun bits starting from the eldest:
  • Tessa had a long running relationship with Milton Dickson, they had one child - a boy named Elias. They were off and on and off and off and off as far as relationships go. I would literally hear about them "stalking" each others homes. They were both hopeless, they did that until Milton died. Tessa is still alive in my game. I went ahead and put Milton's grave in the family graveyard because even though he and Tessa didn't really have a strong relationship that kept them together - they had Elias and they never seemed to let go of the other.
  • Aiden was really into a lot of girls for a long time. For a while I was sure I wouldn't see any children from him, until after a Sackholme-Ordhen woman came along and gave birth to his daughter Precious (Precious? Really?). He's always getting into trouble with women and has many relationships at once. He's only been married once (to a woman older than he) and kept the name of their marriage after she died (which didn't take long, otherwise it would've ended in divorce). 
  • Dekit and Franny moved out and got pregnant right away. I was once notified that they got into a fight (singular) on the sidewalk, but after that all Story Progression can say about them is how adorable they are and what a perfect couple they're shaping up to be. They have a son and a daughter right now whose names escape me. I'll try to put them in the next update.

Anyways, onto the people you have been following this whole time:
Rose rolled a wish to go to the park after coming home from a field trip, I obliged her. She roller-skated with the same guy who owns the Elixir Shop.

We have officially 6 Sim-hours before Reid takes over as heir, and as such, I've been pushing Reia for a few more points out of her. She went straight to the library with tabcasts in her ear to have a book of Alchemy pushed in her face.

Meanwhile, I was setting up at home for the after-midnight birthday party.

Wait, is that... four cakes?

It's official (even if Eliza and I wish it weren't!). Reid really can't think of anyone else he'd rather be with. He's gotten wishes for her left and right and as soon as one gets fulfilled he wishes for something else. I guess they're perfect for each other, he's inappropriate and she's a slob. Also, I do stand corrected prior on not acknowledging him as Shy. He definitely has that trait. I'll be damned.

Literally couldn't pull these two apart with a crowbar, and why would I? Look at that dopey face.

Meanwhile Sam became an old man outside.

"Wow these pants are awful."
That sucks, your outfit is seemingly fine, so you get to keep it until death do ye part.
"Gee, thanks Watcher."
Anytime, Sammy.
As midnight rolls around and past, here we go:

Here comes the after pictures...

Rose aged up and gained the Disciplined trait to add to: Loves the Outdoors, Eccentric, Dog Person and Light Sleeper. She's pretty much a doll. She was the only one who hadn't picked a LTW out of the group, so she picked Paranormal Profiteer.

Reia aged up to gain the Hopeless Romantic trait to add to: Brave, Genius, Supernatural Fan, and Hates the Outdoors. She turned out so well. I'm really going to miss these girls.

Last, but not least, is Reid for his outfit showing:

AHHHH! Yay! Family Oriented! Now he's a Loner, Virtuoso, Shy, Inappropriate and Family Oriented. Interesting mix for a One-Sim-Band.

Now I suppose we have one last birthday, yes?

Reid immediately asked her to move in, and - drum roll please - she's Over Emotional, Slob, Genius, Handy and Coward with the same lifetime wish as Eliza. Just for information, her name is Stephenie MacAnna-Ordhen. Her grandparents are Daric Ordhen and Shannon MacAnna. Her mother has the weirdest skin-tone I've ever seen (it's pitch black). I can't remember her father's side of the family, but I'm pretty sure she's related to Calvin (previously viewed as one of the prettiest Sims I invited to the 'Let's find Reid a Mate' party).
After everyone took a quick trip in the Motive Mobile, Rose went out and got her job.

I need to make sure she takes care of herself when she moves out with her sister. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping to do. And Reid is the first Sim in sim-ages to ever wish to...

Propose. I literally haven't seen that wish in a year or two (man I've played the Sims for a long time).
"Shh, I'm trying to propose over here!"
Well excuse me. Do you want that wedding party or not?
"Yes please..."
Of course given he had the wish to Propose, it was no wonder that he wished to Marry her immediately afterwards. Here's her makeover:

And this is the nose I did everything in my power to make it blend.

If only her nose was a little thinner - then she would be drop dead gorgeous, but she's still a stunner overall.
One last thing to do before the girls are set free:

The portrait.
Sam and Ima are still as close as ever. Really, these two are adorable. I've been pretty lucky with how much my Sims love each other.

Before the girls moved out I wanted to complete Reia's lifetime wish (I was just so close).

That means Rose got a little more time at the Inventing table.

Which means one last buttfire for old-times sake.

Next up, a planned wedding, a SURPRISE wedding, a birth, and some goodbyes.

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  1. Aww I like Stephanie's face and the nose the most, I just get secondhand "oh god not another pink one" feels for everyone. For a fan of townie genes, I hate how pale they all skew even in a fantasy world. I guess except for Steph's pitch-black mum, she just sounds like a Keeper child who needed to get away.