Chapter 23: Marriage(s?)

Today is the big day - the Marriage of Steph and Reid, I'll go ahead and jump to the guests arriving.
First up is Dekit, proudly sporting his negativity for Calvin:

Shortly after is Tessa, who looks a little absent-minded.

Then everyone else showed up. What? So sue me that I didn't want to grab a picture of everyone individually. There were more important things to do and it seemed as though some trouble was brewing. Oh wait, isn't that Rose's romantic interest?

Why is Ms. Dwyer-Lawless so upset? Oh... he's engaged.
Er... Rose?
"Shh, I'm too busy flirting with Orlando."
You do know he's engaged right? To the woman that's standing next to you, booing you?
"Oh, that old hag? She's as old as my mother! Believe me, she's got nothing on me!"
Well, I mean, that's true... I mean... Sam did pick your mother over her, and you are a version of your beautiful mother... so I suppose it does make sense that people would chose Ima over Johanna...
"Exactly. Now where was I- Oh! Wedding!"

These pictures can really speak for themselves.

Now time to kiss the-

Well, that escalated quickly, weren't you just like, barely pregnant yesterday?
I sent Eliza, the calm family-oriented, wonder-woman to take Ms. Ariel to the hospital to have her baby.

You think it's probably cruel to make the loving family member miss out on Wedding Cake? Well she got a 24 hour +80 "It's a Boy!" moodlet to make up for that. I love helping random townies have their children.
"Speak for yourself, I missed out on all that sugar-y cake."
Speaking of the cake! Reid and Steph just looked adorable as they cut the cake, I almost forgot that one was a slob that liked to fart and spread it around while the other laughs hysterically as others get older.

I had to take leave at this part though, because, dun-da-da-dun!

Congratulations Sam! I'm so proud of you!
"Thanks! I've worked really hard for this."
That you have, given how many times a week they would call you in to work.
"Did I miss all of my Son's wedding?"
Unfortunately so, however, it appears one of your children is determined to let you see them get married...
"What are you talking about?"

"So now that you've dropped that old hag for me, I think we should go ahead and seal the deal!"
So they did. They walked right outside to the wedding arch and a secondary - surprise - wedding took place. I was kind of sad, as I would've loved to dress Rose up in a whole wedding-shabang for this moment, but it was perfect all the same.

Except that I forgot to raise the house up a level! Curses! Oh well, at least Rose is cute enough to prevent others from noticing the random end of the house and the sky where there's supposed to be a second floor.

Rose soon moved in with Orlando and his cat Fitz. I thought it was sweet that they both turned and waved at the camera in unison as they left.

Random news: This is Elias Nix, son of Tessa and Milton.

I promise his face is a lot less creepy when he's not romantically fawning over the wedding.

So, now that the wedding is coming to a close and the house is slightly emptier than it was before since Rose moved out I decided I needed to get these two to work.

As did Reia, who was still only a few minutes away from maxing her third skill, Alchemy.

Sam also decided this was a good time to retire. I wish I would've thought that through a little more and waited until after I heard chimes coming from the shower...

Because it then took 12 more tries to get them to successfully enter the shower and try for a baby.
A little later:

Congratulations babe, you are free to do whatever you like. I'd like to spend those lifetime happiness points if you don't mind?
"Depends, are we getting yet ANOTHER motive mobile?"
No, actually I was thinking about an honorary degree.
"Really? You would do that for me?"
You've maxed 3 skills in the time it took Rose to get to level 8 in one, as well as maxed a career. You've so earned it.
She got a degree in Science and Medicine and got a job at the Hospital.

I wanted to make sure she was taken care of, especially since the Alchemy career likely won't pay very well for her.

Eliza finished one last upgrade before she and Reia took off for their own place and the start of their own lives.
Also, everyone would be pleased to know that as soon as Rose had left we seemed to get an announcement that she was pregnant and glowing. I'm a happy camper. Also, not too long after Reia and Eliza made the move did I hear that Eliza had gotten romantically involved with someone I had no idea who, so I clicked the picture.

Er, well, he's old, but whatevs. Funny enough, he looks a little like an older Noten from the Reapers legacy? Eerie.
Steph got to work maxing her logic and handiness right away. Thankfully, Eliza and Izzy both left some household objects that needed upgrading, so as soon as she's high enough in levels I'll let her get to work on those.

'Til then though, it's tabcasts and chess.
Until next time, readers.

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