Chapter 25: Births, Deaths and other Crazy Things

Olga had spent some time with her nan, Ima, learning how to garden.

Overall, Cordell and Olga really fit well into the family. They get along swimmingly with everyone else and they rarely ever wish to speak with their usual family.

Honestly, I think it's quite adorable how well they melded in with my dear family.
Ima got an invitation to visit Reia and have a get together with her, she immediately accepted. Reia's home is very beautiful, although I never imagined she would choose to live in a place that was so walled off (there's really no such thing as open floor plan in this house).

Shortly after Ima conversed with her, she got an important phone call - Rose went into labor! Ima was so excited at her first grandchild that she darted right over to the Nix-Pleasant-Hooley household to meet her beautiful granddaughter, Louisa.

Sam stayed with Reia, the daughter he always wished to be best friends with but never seemed to have the time to. I decided to right that wrong.

"I'm so proud of you Reia, no matter what anyone says."
"Aw, thanks dad."

That's my Nix family.
I was panned over immediately at this time, with the screenshot I left everyone off with:

"Birth!" She screamed. "Labor!" She breathed hard. "Owwww!"
Cordell: "Does this mean we don't get to finish that book Stephie?" He pouts. "Peg box time, I guess."
Ladies and gentlemen, with the birth of our heir, Felix Nix, we had a tragedy.

Tessa Nix, my Tessa, passed away that night. Ima did the honors of retrieving her grave and placing it in the family cemetery right next to Milton - the father of her son.

(Tessa-above, Milton-below).
Ima, despite the sadness of losing Tessa, was one happy grandma with two grandkids under her belt - she wished for five. Reid and Steph are done for now, but I soon got word that Reia was expecting, so I obliged Ima's wish.

Now where was Reid while Steph gave birth?

Outside. Playing his drums. It seems our heir may have a bit of his granddad Bradan in him yet.

Felix Nix, fourth generation heir, rolled the traits Perceptive and Artistic. This makes me excited.
After the crazy night, life resumed to a more normal pace.
Olga was tutored by Ima.

Steph continued working hard towards her lifetime wish.

Reid continued to smash his drumset to pieces practice his drums. He's thiiiiiis close to finishing.

Sam was bored with life, so he picked up the science skill. It's hard to slow those workaholic sims down.

And before we knew it, it was time to celebrate Cordell's birthday!

Cordell is a cute kid. He started out with the Athletic and Excitable traits, and soon gained the I'm a horrible watcher and can't actually remember for sure what he got, but I suspect Genius trait.

He moved in with Sam in the study room to work on painting. Sam was a little busy doing... well, science, I guess.

I also decided Reid's drum skills were moving up at a terribly slow rate, so I moved him to the Library in hopes of the skill boost.

And we'll wrap this chapter up with an Ima wish montage:

Which was shortly followed by this:

Congratulations Ima, you've so earned this.

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