Chapter 26: Can We Slow Down Now?

Our Museum is up and looking wonderful!

I probably should express that Ima and Olga are best friends, have I expressed that prior? It should be pretty obvious.

Our sweet little Cordell was happily painting at the easel, even though he only got a minor boost from books (instead of the full 3 points like I would've liked) he seems to be really pushing through those painting levels!

Toot! Toot! The Nix train has left the station and has no intent on slowing down, at least, not yet! Olga invited over Mr. Tall, Green and Handsome - he's already grown up. His name is Derek, by the way.

"So, I'm one day away from growing up, then we need to work on those babies!"
"I'm not so sure..."
"I own the theater where you work at, so you better get sure, and get sure soon."
"Sometimes, I forget why I love you, and then it all comes right back to me."
"That's what I thought."

Ima's turning into her Watcher and going a little crazy with everything going on:

Just kidding everyone, she just really likes that school cheer.

Newsflash: Reid makes hilarious faces while drumming, here's one of them.

Everyone is probably thinking that he's spent almost 3/4s of his life playing the drums, but this isn't the case because my readers: He finally maxed the drumming skill. That's two out of four instruments down, three more to go!

"Wait, watcher? Erm, don't you mean two more to go?"
Nope! The Into the Future instrument doesn't count, but you're learning it anyways. It's a good thing I can't afford that violin, or you'd be learning that too.
"Now I understand what my dad was trying to warn me about..."
You can do it!
So, he went home, snuggled Felix, grabbed his Bass and went right back to the library.

In Nix News, these three gents are important, can anyone guess how?

Of course not! You could probably point out one but I never even told you about the other two!
We have Aiden on the far left, which everyone is probably aware of, the blond in the center is Santiago Murphy-Nix. He's the stepson of Aiden when Aiden first married Sioban Murphy - he's now engaged to Reia and they're expecting their first child. The older guy on the right is Chin Han Something er other. He seriously dated Tessa for a long time (they broke up and did back and forth stalking like Tessa did with Milton) and after Tessa died he got engaged immediately to Eliza.
Phew, that was a mouthful, no?
Speaking of pregnant Reia, I spotted her across the way and snapped a picture of her in her maternity wear. I don't think she's overly thrilled to be pregnant, considering she's got a bit of a crazed look in her eye... maybe that's why Santiago decided to hang out at the library instead of with her?

Ima decided to slow down in life, unlike her husband, and she took up the same past-time as all elders prior:

"No! No! Swerve! Get away from me! You can't catch me you coppas!"

In other good news:

Congrats Steph dear, you did that in record time too!
"Thanks! I think I want to have another baby!"
Wait? I thought Reid was family oriented... but... ok. We'll have to see about that dear, we're at seven people in the household at the moment, and that last spot is a bit precious for something specific.
"What's that?"

"It's. My. Birthday! Woo!"

So... about that makeover...
"No time! Hey! Derek, get your baby-making butt over here!"

Let's make some babies.
Try one:

No luck.
Try two:

No dice.
Finally, try three:

D'em flippers did the trick, and chimes were finally heard. I forced her to immediately abandon post to buy out every watermelon at the grocery store. She came home and got her makeover.

Please, oh please...

Let this baby look just like her mama.

Anyways, in other baby news, Felix was about to become an adorable toddler:

And I'm finally caught up. Thank goodness.
*phew* on to play some more. Thank you for being patient, readers.

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