Chapter 27: Never Say Never

I knew this day was going to have to come sooner rather than later. I kept pushing it back and pushing it back until I finally realized that I just need to do it. Reid had to make the call.

"Two tickets for Champs-Les-Sims please?"

I thought about taking Felix with them when he got older and Olga after she had her baby, but I just had to ignore the rest of the world and let them take their own vacation, so Steph and Reid get a break from the full house to step into the Champs-Les-Sims sunshine.
Now, I could try to throw in banter, but they really didn't do much for a majority of the trip (I've still got a day left in game when I exited, so, I mean, there's something), so here's a montage with a tad bit of dialogue from me, hopefully it's not too boring.

Reid has yet to master the bass and the piano for his lifetime wish, after that it's on to the Laser-Rythmicon (yes! I did remember it this time, I just can't spell it!) and then the Violin.

Steph had a wish to max Alchemy, so I was working to oblige her. I didn't bring any ingredients though, but she did have the last skill book for Alchemy in her inventory from constantly buying out the elixir store, so that would do for those last few levels.

Reid's needs would get low, so he'd take a drive home and play there all night until his needs were low again, then he would drive back to the park to play for tips.

Steph finally made it out of the "I'll never stop learning potions" stage so I had her break down and start reading. She's also listening to Cooking tabcasts because I want her to try out the baker's set when she gets home.

Reid's making quite a bit of money (well, about $500 for the whole trip on one instrument isn't bad).

Change of scenery.

Change of scenery.

Change of scenery. It was about this time that Steph accidently maxed cooking because I was being a bad watcher and multi-tasking on Windows mode in Runescape (oops). I wanted her to roll the wish for it, but I guess not. I noticed she had one skill point in fishing, so I thought, "why not?" So from this point on she's listening to fishing tabcasts.

Change of scenery... and... MAXED! WOO!

Man this must be exciting for all of you folks at home. You know what, I think I'll just cut to the monumental stuff.

Woo, good job Steph!
"I want to make 30 elixirs, and I want to learn all the chemistry potions."
Your wish is my command. (poof)

Now let's start the countdown, shall we? 7 more to go!

Reid gets 99% of his tip money from children. I don't know how I feel about that.

Good job Steph! Elixir time?
"I'm in."
So, 30 tomatoes were bought, and alchemy ensued.

With 14 tomatoes left in her inventory, she walked away with 31 Vials of Bliss and 3,000 happiness points.
She was one point away from maxing fishing, so I decided to try to get her to roll the wish.

Buuut... I'm far too impatient. So she threw the tabcast in, went home and planted 14 tomatoes because she suddenly got the wish to garden.

Then when she wasn't gardening, I had her take up writing.

So, let's see. She's at level 6 in gardening, level 5 in writing, and maxed in handiness, logic, cooking, fishing and alchemy. Good deal. My goodness. I'm really starting to become an over-achiever here.
As for Reid, one last change of scenery (or rather 12, while you weren't looking)...

Could I have gotten this without the vacation? I'm really not sure. I mean, I already use super-cheat-y (but still legal) methods. So I'm not entirely sure if I'm worthy of saying I completed this or not. *Shrugs* Oh well, it's another point for me to add to the score. Steph and Reid are really going all out on skills because I decided from the beginning that they weren't going to have jobs. They have a lot of free-time and I want to make up (wish-wise/lifetime happiness point wise) for not getting those milestone wishes on the job.
Anyways, I'll leave you this picture with Reid playing the Laser-rythma-thingy.

Sorry for boring you all to death! Birthdays will be ensuing with the next chapter, and Sam and Ima have maxed age bars.

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