Chapter 29: Hello Echo!

So, now that the serious goodbyes are over, let's get back to what was going on prior. Cordell went to prom where he got a Romantic Interest named Elena, his prom was mostly boring. Felix aged up, and now I can properly show you why I thought Steph's nose was huge:

"Oh no, my nose is huge!"
Hey, you can't help it kid, your mom cursed you to have the gigantic sniffer. It should be fine though, you'll grow into it... hopefully.
"Aw, man! I'm going to be ugly, aren't I?"
Not likely. It grows on me after a while. Let's get you a makeover, ok?
"Just cover it up."
I'll do my best.

"That's a little better."
Don't feel bad, I think you look handsome.
"But you're my watcher... you have to say that."
How about a cool outfit to take your mind off of it?
Felix sniffled, "ok."

Felix nodded. It was the weekend, so I encouraged Felix to spend some time with his grandpa. Together they helped to cheer each other up, and tutor Felix to an A, which is a bonus. Felix, on a side note, also gained the Loves the Heat trait to add Perceptive and Artistic.

Steph threw herself into baking, enjoying getting to fill up the little shop outdoors.

And on the other side of the house, I was summoned!
"Watcher! Yay! I'm so happy!"

Oh, why is that?
"Oh! Owwww!"

Baby time!
"There she is! Hello Echo!"

Echo, I like it.
Echo is a Light Sleeper and she Loves the Cold. Interesting that she loves the opposite season of our dear heir, but I can't wait to see their nooboo.

A few days passed, not a lot happened since a lot of the skilling is finished. Reid maxed the Into the Future instrument and is working on the Violin which skill confuses me. Cordell and Olga painted, and was soon joined by Felix.
Soon it was time though, for us to see what our darling Echo ages up to be.

What a cutie! I'm so excited for baby possibilities!
Olga is a great mom, she constantly rolls wishes for Echo.

Echo looks a little distinctive right now, but that's how her mom looked as a toddler. Let's reflect, shall we:

She's got her mom's nose and lips and hair and skin, and her dad's eye shape and color. She's such a cutie!
Anyways, it's graduation day! Again! So Olga, being the good mom she is, picked her daughter up autonomously and took her to graduation on her hip.

Outside City Hall, as usual, there were protestors. Dekit, Reia and Julius Orlando were there along with a girl you haven't met yet but you know her name, unfortunately her face is all frowny because she's protesting and I couldn't get a good look at her face.

This is Precious Sackholme-Ivy, she's the daughter of Aiden and Jaclyn Sackholme Ivy... the woman with orange skin seen here:

Anyways, once they got back they decided to throw a party! I think Sam just needed some company.
Thankfully though, a newly pregnant Rose decided to comfort her father.

Rose is a natural mother, it's really kind of sweet as I'd never expect that out of her.

Reia on the other hand has her hands full with twins. Poor dear.

Meanwhile, Eliza had a baby girl! I can't remember what her real name is though, as it happened 3 times now (with all the crashing) and I can't remember which one is actually it (I have several written down... heh).
Anyways, I'll wrap this up with my favorite painting in the nursery now, Cordell just painted it for me. It makes me happy.

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