Chapter 30: Birthday Flames

Reid spends most of his time playing Medieval music - which I'm thrilled about. I always got my heroes the fiddle when I played the Sims Medieval.
"Hey, you're not allowed to play other games!"
Oh, says who?
"Me! And I'm sure the Reapers would agree too."
Aw, that's cute. Yeah, no. Tropico 5 is coming out in about a week. I'm bursting at the seams to play it!
"Just... don't... forget about us?"
Of course not love! I've played the Sims 3 since it came out, which was a very, very long time ago. I may take breaks but I always come back. It's just kind of an addiction that way. Though a much healthier one than others.
"Oh, thank watcher. It's been a while since you've played us..."
No, no dear. I've just got three stories now. I have to alternate my playing between the three of you, plus a few other for-fun games I'm not sharing. Honestly, the fact that I'm updating everyone once a week baffles me. Now can I get back to the update?
"Yes watcher."
Ok, so Reid was... violin-ing it up somewhere.

Steph got a wish to catch a deathfish.
However, after catching three or so I sent her home to work on the neglected garden of Ima. She was two skill points away from maxing gardening too.

Sam got a wish to spend time with his grandson.
Felix didn't wish for anything, but he did need to get an A prior to aging up the next day.

They then had a celebratory pillow-fight.

Olga had a wish to teach her daughter to walk, once that was accomplished, I had one important thing that needed to happen:

"Where's the baby?"

(Que: "Cut it out Diego, you're scaring him.")

You two are already adorable together. Now go get old, Felix.
But first!

"I'm going to beat you so badly at this game!"
Reid! Honestly - he's you're son, and he's half your age!

After his childhood scarring, he aged up mostly intact, only to gain the Hot-Headed trait.

"Hot-headed? I'm not hot-headed. DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BEING HOT-HEADED?!"
Erhm... No more pillow fights for you, I guess. Ouch... and the nose strikes again.

Don't worry, I've gotchya covered!

Oh, and if anyone hasn't noticed. This family somehow became ripped.

Er... that looks so strange on a teenager.
Anyways, three Sims threw up a wish to teach Felix to drive. Sam pulled out his "I'm older than all of you" trump card and won.

Once that was finished up, it was time to mess around with the rebellious nature of our not-Rebellious (trait-wise) heir.

I also finally broke down and built up a special place in the back yard for Olga and Cordell, as I want them to have big tombstones, even though it won't count.

Cordell grew up into a Young Adult, gaining the Natural Cook trait.

And ohmigosh he's handsome.

Cordell shrugs, "you always said my mom had nice genes."
Gorgeous... genes more like!
There's a spot left in the house since Ima left, and Reid had been holding on to a wish to have another child... I had debated this for a long time, thinking I would just deal with one child... well...

In a moment of weakness, we're going to have a full house again.
Anyways, it's Echo's birthday! I thought it was super-adorable that Felix took her to the cake. Felix also got a few points of Charisma from that awesome Playpen, so he now makes friends super-easily. I'm thinking my Hot-Headed, adorable Felix is going to become Leader of the Free World. Anyways, back to Echo.

And what would this house be without Chaos?

Don't mind Cordell, he had just gotten electrocuted by one of those science machines outside. He was never in any harms way. Though it did take a while for Reid to make his way to the center and extinguish the flames already.
Insurance payment: $485.
Actually required payment to replace everything: $1,230
I love how it mimics real life!

Try two:

She gains the Love to Swim trait.

And an adorable outfit she'll have for all of two days. She and Felix are best friends and will have roughly one day together as teens. I plan to start their relationship then.

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