Chapter 31: Goodbye, Sam

The Nixs' have been all holding their breath, as Sam has lived to be the oldest Sim in all of Nix History, which isn't very much, but I suppose it still says something. He's 31 days old. His mind is still there too.

"Hrm. Now, do I fold or do I bluff? If I do that, I'll be sent directly to jail, don't pass go, and I won't be able to collect $200. Hm... Aha! Take that! King me!"
Er... Well, mostly there, right?

Cordell was working on gaining cooking skill to possibly bring us home the nice fridge.

Reid though, was still working at the violin skill as his son studied up on street art. Apparently, there's a lot to be learned about in books.

Olga was painting and Echo? She was just getting to be a child.

She loves the sand and the water, beaches in general. It's unfortunate that Dragon Valley has only a few beaches, but none are particularly paradise-like.
Steph? Well, Steph is experiencing the joys of pre-pregnancy.

"This is awful..." She muttered.
Don't make me start singing it, it's fresh in my head...
"No... not again... please, you did this the last time I threw up!"
Always look on the briiiight side of life! (Whistling sounds) Always look on the liiiiight side of life! (Whistling sounds).

Everybody now! Always look on the briiiiiight side of life! (Whistling sounds) Always look on the briiiight side of life!
"I hate you so much right now."
That's the spirit!

I finally decided to work on some long term wishes with my Sims. Cordell and Olga had been neglected in this sense, as I've only really let them paint, but their lifetime wishes require guitar and writing (respectively), so I've been slowly pushing them away from the easels (gasp) and onto other objects.

Well, I did that for Olga, Cordell is still working on painting. I'm a busy watcher, I can't do EVERYTHING at once.

Steph was out in the garden again, she isn't so much a gardener so much as she takes care of what few plants we have left. I keep getting the urge to try to push someone towards gardening, but it's really very hard to keep up with, and Steph already is pretty absent-minded when it comes to gardening. I'll come back to her and she'll be swimming and the garden will still need weeding.

"Always look on the briiiight side of life." Steph was singing under her breath.
It's such a catchy tune...
"This song will never leave my head... it's truly stuck!"
On the other side of the yard, the bus driver swerved across the yard to his ultimate perfect parking spot:

Busdriver: "Honey, I'm home!"
Felix: "Dear watcher, the lamppost! I think I'm dying!"

I peered through the family tree and saw the sad, inevitable thing: Sam was the last remaining child of Ara and Bradan. His twin, Dekit had passed away. I sent Sam to go pick up his remains, as well as the remains of someone special who shall not be named. I set up the graveyard one more time.

Let's see, all the way in the back are Bradan(MT) and Ara(LT). From left to right beyond that: Aiden Murphy-Nix and Sioban Murphy-Nix, Fatima Nix, Tessa Nix and Milton Dickson. On the furthest row: Dekit Nix, and soon to be next to him (as I got the notification) Francisca Nix. In a quite corner away from the regular graveyard, the special tombstone was placed.

Ara would've wanted it that way.

Sam had been tutoring Echo for a while now, and I noticed they stopped as I was checking to see if Steph was actually finished gardening when she had made off for the pool when I realized that Echo only had a B. Sims only autonomously stop tutoring when the child reaches an A or...

It was his time.

His life without Ima felt hollow, and he remained eternally faithful until the end.

Echo was completely heartbroken.

And Olga knew what she had to do next. Sam had asked her previously to do this on his death, so she needed to make haste.

For Sam.

The Moodlet Manager was passed around and everyone hopped in the Motive Mobile for a spin, but not before Steph finally did the maternity spin.

Olga did everything she could to cheer her baby-girl up, but it seemed futile.

She just sat at the chess table where Sam used to and taught herself how to play.

She had a big role to fulfill, but she was more determined than ever.

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As a side note... "Always look on the briiiiight side of life!" (whistling)

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