Chapter 32: A Birthday for Echo

Cordell has spent a lot of his time enjoying the canvas and the paints.

He spends a lot of his time devoted to just enjoying his life. I have not pushed him overly hard into the cooking career, but I also haven't left him to his own devices. On the other side of the house, Felix is spending time with his future mother-in-law, also he's doing homework, but soon he won't have to anymore.

Are you ok there, Felix?
"Debating the evils of the world, and spray paint."
Ah... right...
Reid has been working diligently at his chemistry table.

"I must find that potion..."
Which one dear?
"The one that makes you young!"
You've already discovered it, it was one of your first ones to be discovered. You really just need to learn how to make the Stink Juice.
"I must consume that potion! I don't want to get old!"
It sucks, it does... but I can't allow you to do that, which is why I've removed the potions and hidden them in one of the twenty chests in the next room. Too bad Sims don't autonomously open chests, right?
Reid started grumbling under his breath as he mixed the chemicals - and it blew up in his face.

Olga is working diligently to keep her promise to Sam.

And Steph was relaxing and wish-fulfilling to prepare for the next baby.

In other news, Zoe is still looking amazing!

She's a mother of three and is enjoying her life.


"I got one!"
One more to go!

If anyone is unaware of why I have Dragon Valley, here's your answer:

So beautiful...
Not you! The mountains! Can you... move your... head a bit? Your nose is in the way!
"Hah. Hah. My sides are splitting."
I'm just teasing! You look cute with that nose.
"Mhm. I'm sure I do."

"Watcher! Watcheeer!"
How is it I could hear you all the way over by the school?
"I dunno, but look! Last potion, see? Weeee!"

Congrats, dear, now do you think you can hit the Violin again, you're so close...
"I don't mind, I actually enjoy instruments!"
Thank watcher for small mercies.

"Whee! Look at me!"
Why are you on a kids slide?

Echo is going to have her hands full with you...

Speaking of Echo, for a chapter named after her she's been pretty scarce... that's because children are boring.
What? All you do is go to school, sit in the sand pit and make sandcastles. Take a picture of one sandcastle, you take a picture of all of them. Boring.

"Well why don't you-"
Woah, hold on, camera panning... Oh! Reid! Happy Birthday!
"Woo! It's my birthday! Oh dear... no wait... nooo! I didn't agree to this!"

"Ugh... I'm so old now... my rocker flair has gone!"
Yeah... nope, not feeling that jacket at all. To the wardrobe mister!

Better. Much better.

"Hey watcher, is there something important going on?"

I... still... don't understand... how...
How you're so ripped... I mean... you're a teenager! It just seems so, strange.
"Oh, there is something important going on, Echo is growing up."
Wait, what?
"Must... walk... to kitchen."
Oh, birthday cake time.

Let's see how she ages... and... BAM. Nurturing trait. Love it.

Isn't she a stunner?

She's not quite her mom, but she doesn't have to be. She's so unique.

And she can't stop WIGGLING around in Create a Sim!

Oh, terrible, horrible news! I'm at a complete loss for what to do... THE SIMS GROUND ATE SAM'S TOMB!

I put it right next to Ima and poof, gone. Sadface.
So why don't I finish this update with a little love:

Yeup, these two will be good together. I can feel it.

Also, on another note, I was flipping through the family tree and get this! Echo and Felix are technically related! Haha, it will make your head spin! Ok, so Echo's father (who is not in the picture though Olga would very much like him to be), is the son of the brother of Santiago Murphy-Nix, who was married briefly to Tessa, but then he dumped her for Elisa, then Elisa dumped him and he married Reia and they have twins together (Adan and Mandie). Santiago often goes to jail from lack of child support payment. I found it hilarious that on the night that Reia gave birth to Adan and Mandie (though she hates children, she's the only one to have twins out of the triplets) Santiago was in jail for not paying child support to a previous relationship with Ivy Sacholme-Cromos (who is also the mother of Precious Sacholme-Cromos, only child of Aiden Nix). Ah, the twisted web story progression weaves. I LOVE IT.

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