Chapter 33: Romance, a Fake Wedding, Births, and Strange Occurrences (Part One)

Reid left the (fixed) graveyard in peace to head home. The Second Generation is officially gone. For those who would like a quick recap:

Ara and Bradan (my founders) in the veeeery back; From left to right: Aiden and his spouse (whose name totally escapes me at this moment, he never had children with her, as she was an elder at the time, but she's the only woman he married); Sam and (Fat)Ima; Izzy; Tessa and Milton; Bottom row: Dekit and Franny.
So where we left off:

"So... you're like... really cool and stuff. Even though I have only played peek-a-boo with you, you're like my best friend ever."
"Aw, I think I want to kiss you."
"Oh... well... if you want to?"

"But... I'm the guy, shouldn't I ask you that?"
"What's a few technicalities?"

"I don't know... I think I should at least be the one to initiate it!"
Oh barf. Just kiss please.
"SHUT UP, WATCHER!" They both shout in unison.
This is going to be a long night...
"Ok, so where were we?"
"I think you were about to kiss me?"
"Ah, right. So I just... lean in... like this... and... line up... like so and..."

Dear watcher, finally. That was a whimpy kiss mate, give it to her good, you only have one night to enjoy being romantic!
"One night?" Felix looked confused.
Yes, before you age up and suddenly there's no more romance! Now for the love of watcher, MAKE HER FEEL LIKE A WOMAN!
"Oh dear... I never thought of it that way..."

"Well babe, let's live like it's our last night on earth."
Echo: swoons.

Looong night indeed.
"Watcher... now what?"
Ask her to be your girlfriend...? Why don't you already know this?!
"Oh right! Echo, will you be my girlfriend?"

"Oh... wow... you're so romantic! Of course! I'd be honored!"

You do realize he had to ask me to figure out how to ask you, right?
"Oh whatever, it's just technicalities."
"Technicalities" my butt. You two not knowing how to be teens is taking up half my update!
"Well, it's not like the adults are doing anything remotely interesting."
It's depressing how true that statement is...

Olga was writing her novel.

Reid decided the teens needed supervision, but didn't want to not be the "cool dad" so he's playing his violin in front of the two new lovers.

"I did what now? Oh wait... Felix... when did you and Echo get here?" Reid absentmindedly smiled.
Uh... I think they may be... nevermind.
"That's nice dear..."
Cordell was working on his guitar skill the easy way, as his skills don't count for anything.

And Steph was upstairs writing her novel as well as being very hormonal and pregnant.

That you are radiant and glowing dear: radiant and glowing.
"Oh... well... thank you. No one ever compliments me anymore. I work so... so... hard." She breaks down crying.
Yeah... Imma let you finish that and go... someplace else...
The someplace else being Felix, who has now found the sandbox and wishes to relive his (short) childhood once again.

"Yes! Sand! Sand! Sand! Woo!"
What did I tell you about only having one day with Echo... and this is how you're spending it?
"Oh dear! I totally forgot!"
I'm a little frightened that you're soon going to be in charge of this dynasty...

"Yes, I get to spend some time with you! Yay, time!"
Actually, you have to go to school Felix, and you don't, Echo... so... I guess you wasted all your time in that silly sandbox.
"So I can play games all day?! Sweet!"
Nope, you get to learn how to drive.
"Aw... well... I guess it's better than homework."

So, Cordell went to the park to play for tips for a wish, and who did I run into? Why Sheree and Morgan! The children of Dekit and Franny!

Who else did I run into? Eliza! Who was now working as a carnival worker. She also as a daughter named Carla! She's also old now! Shame.

Now this update is starting to get overstuffed and I'm barely halfway finished, so I'll end this part of the two-parter series with the secret Sam entrusted to Olga before he died:

It's a boy! His name is Leif.

He is Athletic and Good.

Now, onto part two!

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  1. Aww, Leif shall be the greenest boy yet! I love Echo of course, but she lost some of that green (teal totally does not count)