Chapter 34: Romance, a Fake Wedding, Births, and Strange Occurrences (Part Two)

Alright and we're back in the swing! Olga returned to teaching Echo how to drive, as she stopped partially to tend to her newest son.

Reid was outside scarring the neighbors while playing beautiful music.

And Cordell found yet another relative! Zoe's first born daughter:

After all of his sight-seeing, Cordell finally decided to call up a familiar number. The following is exactly how the rest of the night went: 

"Hey there Elena, I'm so glad to see you! It's been too long for my girl."
"Yeah... you kissed me at prom but never... ever... called me again. I chalked it up to us being over and moved on."
"Riiight... ok. So are you single?"

"Oh, yeah, it's a lot of fun. Too bad you're getting older tonight."

"Oh dear... oh dear... breath... just breath! Ohdearwatcherthishurtsohmygosh!"

"So uh... how about we try that again?"

"Oh my... I didn't expect that!"
"So that's what I've been missing this whole time!"

"Ohdearohdearohdear... puuuush!"

"So how's about you marry me?"

"Oh my gosh! I totally didn't think I would say yes after you totally abandoned me at prom for someone else and never called me again for years but I'm totally going to say yes!"

"Oh my, Foxglove, you're quite the little bundle, aren't you!"

"So we should get married... like right now."
"Yes, like right now. Let's go back to my place and hit the arch!"

"Last-moment-together! Last-moment-together!"

"Oh my gosh these children are so noisy!"


"Woo, I'm excitable now!

"Moar" Birthdays!

Echo: "Woo, happy birthday everyone! Wooo!"

Felix: "Dang, she's looking good."

Cordell: "That's my teenage niece, you creeper punk." (Thinking: man, I wish Elena hadn't gone home instead of marrying me...)

Foxglove is Virtuoso and a Couch Potato because I had to make a choice to either breathe between words or saying that earlier!

Leif is very, very green!


Wait... why didn't that work? Oh, shoot, quickly, Echo, take a ride in the Motive Mobile, you have to go to school and you're in the red... Olga... please go to the bathroom before you pee yourself!

Alright.. erm... again! "WEDDING!"

Aw, how sweet! No, seriously Echo... Go. To. School.
Seriously Olga? The bathroom is RIGHT THERE.
Wait... why didn't the move screen pop up? AHG! AGAIN!


Still nothing. Chalk that one up to bugs. Cordell, just move out. I'm just... I'm done.

(Heavy Breathing) The end!
Oh thank goodness...

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