Chapter 35: Shame On You!

(This chapter was originally written after a long absence)

Watcher clears her throat, so, how are you guys?
The Nix family glares.
Right. I'm glad to hear that.
They cross their arms.
So... shall we... you know... move forward? Or...?
Olga sighs, "at least you're back now."
I am! I'm back! I have a lot to talk about too!
Reid rolls his eyes. "Shame on you. I'm old now, I get to yell at you."
Yes, yes. I deserve it. I got busy though. I'm here now, can you forgive me?
The family looks at each other, pursing their lips before they start nodding, "anything beats being thrown away."
Yes! I'm glad! Phew! Ok, shall we get this ball rolling?
The family is smiling and nodding now, "so, what do we do first?"
RECAP TIME. The watcher straightens and clears her throat. Heeeeellloooo everyone! Welcome back to the fabulous Nix Short Dynasty where this goofy family is calling all the shots!
"Haha, yeah, right." Steph called out sarcastically.
SHUSH. I'M IN CHARGE NOW. JUST HOLD STILL. Watcher coughs, I mean... uhm... yes, hello! A lot of you may not remember us, but that's ok! I've got a little bit of a recap to remind us all where we left off not too long ago!The family groans and rolls their eyes, "she's back alright."
So we've got our Nix family, generation 4 has fully taken over now, right Felix?
Felix is making goofy eyes at Echo, who's looking away coyly.
He continues staring. "Huh? You need something? I forgot how pretty Echo was."
Alriiiight, why don't we just start from the top? Reid is our generation 3 heir. His traits are Loner, Shy, Virtuoso, Inappropriate, and Family Oriented. He completed his lifetime wish of One-Sim-Band and has maxed 6 skills (Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, Logic and Laser Rhythm-a-Con) with one point in Fishing and 8 points in Violin.

"That's right, I'm awesome."
He's also posting inappropriately to the forums in his ripe old age of 23 days old.
"I'm just a kid inside."
Oh, I know Reid. I know. Next we have his wife Steph, who's currently baking a cake because we've got 3 birthdays today! Steph, the gem she is, is an Over-Emotional Slob, who's also a Coward. When she's not any of those things she's actually a Handy Genius.
"Gee, thanks, you make me feel so overwhelmed with love." 

At least I didn't say anything about your nose, oh and today is your birthday!

"I'm getting old!"
Shh, there-there dear. It'll be ok. Steph's very accomplished with Fishing, Cooking, Handiness, Logic, and Alchemy maxed; she also has 9 points in Gardening and 8 in Writing! She completed her lifetime wish of The Tinkerer, and maxed the Alchemy Career. Does that help you feel better about your birthday?
Well then! Fine, I'll just move along to... Olga! Oh my dearest Olga I've missed you so!

"I've missed you too Watcher!"
Oh! You look so pretty! Anyways... you're traits are Insane, Irresistible, Genius, Vehicle Enthusiast, and Grumpy. Well it's a good thing you're cute. Olga's skills, unfortunately, do not count for this short Dynasty, but she's well on her way to completing her lifetime wish for her own happiness!
"Painting and Writing are my favorite things!"
And this is why you're my favorite, Olga. DO YOU HEAR THAT STEPH?!
Steph screams back: "SHUT UP YOU USELESS VOICE."
You didn't hear any of that. Next up we have a short farewell to our dearest Cordell, who is leaving us so that he might be successful and have babies. We will miss him dearly but we completely understand his desires and need to move out and on with his life.
"I don't really want kids, or to leave..."
YES YOU DO. GET OUT. Awkward silence. Ok, so I didn't actually take a picture of him, but he's alive and well now, check out his new digs?

Cordell calls out: "Watcher? Can I come home now? Watcher...?"
"Hey, is my brother talking to you?" Olga asks from her painting.
Nope. I heard nothing. Just the wind, I tell you. Just the wind. On to our heir, Felix! Felix is a Hot-Headed, Excitable, Perceptive, Artistic guy who Loves the Heat. He's... wait... what are you doing?
"I'm stuck, watcher. I'll get to stare at this dresser for all eternity."
Ugh! No! Hold... tight... just one second...
"Why are we all out in the yard?" Reid scratches his head, "I was just on the computer a second ago..."
Steph looks around confused. "I was cooking something. Oh wait, what's happening?! No! My birthday wasn't supposed to happen yet! Why are the babies aging up too! They have cakes waiting for them!"
[Beeeeeeep: We're sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled story, but there have been some minor technical difficulties. Beeeeeep.]

So, three birthdays on the lawn later, we resume where we left off:
Felix! Traits already listed, you want to be a Private-Eye and solve 35 cases... oh maker have mercy on my soul that's an awful lot for so few days...

"It's going to be SO MUCH FUN!"
Here's your everyday outfit! We'll get you all set up to start your PI career!

"Oh my gosh! I love this outfit! This outfit is amazing!" 
I love excitable sims.
So Steph aged up on the lawn during our technical difficulties, and I set her up with some new hair and a new dress!

"This hair is new, watcher." 
I may have gone a little crazy during my last CC binge. Once you fall down that rabbit hole, you never come back.
Steph nodded understandingly, "I'm not complaining."
Foxglove and Leif also aged up! Foxglove is the second daughter of Steph and Reid, and Leif is the plantsim glorious clone child of Olga. Foxglove is a Virtuoso Couch Potato, and Leif is Good and Athletic. 

Olga's daughter with Derrick Hooley, Echo is last on our list to be covered, but not on purpose. Sorry dear.
"S'ok, I get it." 

New hairstyle to make up for it?

"Oooh! Cute!"
I've got another one for you too! Echo has the traits: Love the Cold, Loves to Swim, Light Sleeper and Nurturing. Echo is Felix's girlfriend, if you can think back to their awkward, rushed teenage courtship.
"It was not awkward!" Felix shouts.
"Yes, dear, it was." Echo laughs.
"Oh, where did you come from? You're so beautiful!"
Still a teen there, buddy, she's still a teen. Go get yourself your first PI case and stop causing trouble.
Felix frowns and walks away.

Phew! We made it! Let the update begin!

Reid has been working dilligently to max the Violin skill and be able to brag that he's learned all of the musical instruments in his short life.

"Level 9! I just hit level 9!"
I'm seriously so proud of you, Reid.
He grins, "it's been a short life, but a good one."
No! Don't start talking like this now! I'm not listening! La-la-la-la! Moving on!
Olga was busy working on the other half of her lifetime wish. 

"I'm almost done with my first novel!"
Congratulations dear! Oh I've really missed you guys!

Felix got his first PI job and drove around to the Hooley residence to speak with Derrick about his first job. 

"So I need to dig up some dirt about a stolen toothbrush, eh? Wait! Aren't you Echo's father?!"
"Uhm, are you ok there son?"
What is it?
"I need to ask him! Let me ask him! Oh please! Oh pretty-pretty-please!"
"Ask me what?"
The Watcher sighs, yeah, yeah, go ahead.
"Uhm? Maybe you shouldn't be handling this case..."
"Can I marry your daughter?!" 

"My daughter? I have a daughter? What's wrong with you?"

"...sure? Does this mean you'll actually do my PI case I'm paying you for?"

Still a teen mate. Still a teen. Hopefully the moodlet doesn't-HAHAHAHAHAHA!
"Why are you laughing at me? This is great news!"
Nothing, just that moodlet will last longer than you're alive, that's all.
"That's not very funny."
It's hilarious to me.
"This is the best news of my entire life!"
I thought that was eating cake for breakfast this morning.
"I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!" He paused, "NO... this is definitely better! I can hardly breathe!" 

Derrick tilts his head. "Yeah... you PI types are weird."
"And we're going to get married and have children and teach those children things and it's going to be so great! Oh! I hope she says yes when I propose!" 

Hey, when you're done here, Mr. Excitable, meet me at the house you're supposed to be... uh, I don't know... DOING YOUR JOB at.
"And then after I propose we'll start the wedding planning - oh! Maybe we'll have a whole hour to plan! Wouldn't that be amazing! Oh! The flowers will be blue!"
"Yeah, you should probably leave now." 

Felix? What are you wearing? What happened to your hair?
"Shh! I'm undercover! No one will know who I am!" 

Uh huh...
"Ooh! Look, they get catalogues to the spa here! I wonder if they have coupons!"
FOCUS FELIX. Oh have mercy, 34 more of these to go.

FELIX, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! I go to check on your dad ONCE...

"I'm passionate! I need to tell the world!"
"That's the great thing! I don't know! The world needs to know that I don't know the things it needs to know!"
The watcher's head falls and hits her notes on the desk while letting out a big breath. Felix. She says firmly. Put. Down. The. Megaphone.
Felix puts the megaphone on the ground.
"Hey! Where did it go?! Why is there money there?!"
Get your butt in that police station and get another case. Now.
He goes in and pops back out, "so... there's no cases left."
WHAT?! Oh no... this can't be happening. Hurry. Get home.

"Huh? What's this Watcher?" 

Your new present so we don't have to keep going back to the Police Station.

"What's-it do?" 

I'm going to let you figure this one out on your own. Use it to check for Cases.

"OH MY GOSH IT'S A COMPUTER. WATCHER! Look! Look! Look! It's a computer! Oh this is so cool! How neat!" 

You really are excited about everything, aren't you?
"Oh! Look at this button! Oh! Oh! Look!"
Felix! Cases!
"RIGHT!" He pauses, "There are no cases left..."
NO! The Watcher groans, this is going to be the longest running lifetime wish I've ever done.
"Oh! You should let me protest about it!"
No. I think we're just going to leave it here.
"I'm really, REALLY good at protesting though!"
Goodbye everyone. I'm going to go cry in a corner and pray for 34 more PI cases in a terribly short duration.
"Oh! Can I say goodbye too?! Bye! This is so exciting!"

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