Chapter 37: Sim Logic

Echo and her darling mother Olga were sharing some last minute time together, seeing as Olga was now engaged and doing her inventory clean out before she would be married the next day.

Olga has literally had the wish to get married saved since she turned into a YA. I'm glad I can grant this for her.

Across the town:
Felix, dear, where to next? Do you have a minute to pop home for your portrait?

"I need to meet up with someone and question him."
Oh goody, he's literally right across from your house. It's fate.

"Oh boy! I can go home and see Echo!"
Yeah... I don't know if we'll have time for that...
Felix slumps, "aw..."
Sorry bud.

Awesome music sounds - Reid! Congratulations! The Violin too? Fantastic!

"Now what, watcher?"
Now? Now you do whatever you want.
Reid pumps his fist, "yes!"
(A few moments later)

So your first thing you want to do is post inappropriate things to the forum?
"I have SO much to catch up on!"
Go for it!

Hey... where'd Felix go?

"SAAANNND! I LOVE sand! Wee!"

FELIX! FOCUS! Private Investigator! Remember?!
Felix frowns. "Why does Echo get to have fun?"
I'm not counting any skills she completes before she's your spouse, because I felt she had an unfair advantage being born into our house. So she hasn't learned any skills yet so she can have the same start as any other spouse.

"Wee!" Echo laughed, "go have fun saving the town dear! Only two more days!"

What's the face for?

"There's something fishy going on with this mail..."
That's why we're doing a case over it.
"Oh! Right! I LOVE my job!"
I know, I know.

Meanwhile back at home Olga was working hard on the portrait for our little museum.

Ah, the one visible eye of Felix Nix. Still see Quinn's genetics going strong.
"Who are you talking about?"
No one you would know dear, no one you would know.

Panning back to Felix, as if I could ever trust him to do his job alone for a moment, we find him very sneakily checking someone's mail.

Uhm, Felix... she's right there.
"She can't see me, there's a wall there."
A wall with a dozen archways pointing to you?
"It's still a wall."
Sim logic. Sound Sim logic.
Hey, now what are you doing?

"Calling to Report back on my case."
"Yeah, didn't you know?"
Then WHY have we been chasing these guys all around Dragon Valley if we could've CALLED them first?!
"I don't know. Probably for the same reason I could check that lady's mail without getting caught."
(Sound of banging against a wooden surface) why oh why did I pick this lifetime wish?
"Case closed! Woo! I love this part!"

"Poof! Another job well done."
Oh Felix...
"Next case!"
"Help! My girlfriend is missing! I don't know where she went?!"
"Hmm, I should ask some people about her, see if anyone might know where she went." [Ask 3 Sims about Lana].
It's three in the morning. Great.
"Don't worry, I've got this."

"Excuse me! Miss Ghost!"
She's a ghost Felix. She probably died before Lana was even born, given the lifespans around here.
"Oh Lana? I love her! She hasn't been answering my calls lately though..."
I... don't even know what to say to that.
"There. One out of three done."
Well, if that's how this is going to work... to the other graveyard!
"To the Bat-Mobile!"
(Cue themesong)

"Have YOU seen Lana?"
"What a darling girl she is, but she's been oddly quiet recently."
"Uh-huh, I see."
Who knew dead people would be so helpful? And how many dead people does this 'Lana' know anyways?
"That's two people. I need one more person watcher!"
I've got just the thing...

"I didn't know this store was open! I LOVE this store!"
The Elixir Consignment Salesperson sighs, "open twenty-four-by-seven. Unfortunately."
"Hooray! Do YOU know Lana?"
"Of course I know Lana!"
Wow, this Lana really gets around...

"Watcher! I'm done!"
It's perfect Olga dear. Thank you for your last gift to this family.

The museum is coming along swimmingly. Unfortunately, due to his workaholic tendencies, Felix has no maxed skills or certificates to put up, or even a diploma...

"Hey! You're the one ordering me around to do cases!"
I thought you loved your job?
"I DO! Oh I DO love my job!"

Anyways, where were we with the Lana case?
"I need to call the Information Database."
Let's do it then.

What's so exciting?
"I'm on... HOLD! Oh I love this music!"

Right... well that's nearly the limit for this chapter. Say 'goodbye,' Felix.
"Bye bye! Oh no! Not you!"
(Phone hangs up).

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