Chapter 38: Goodbye Olga

We start the chapter off with Olga's birthday.

"At the library, so I don't disturb the skillers."
I miss you already.
"I know."

"Well, this hair is..."

"This is different! I love it!"
Me too. I thought you could use something a little edgier. Now, shall we go get you hitched?
"Let's do it."

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Congratulations, Olga. I really want all the happiness in the world for you.
"Thank you, watcher."
Go, live your life and enjoy it!

To break the happy news up, Felix got a call from Olga's new sister-in-law asking him on a date.

"Movie? I LOVE- WAIT! I'm a one-woman man! Echo is the only girl I'll ever want!"
She's still a teen, mate.
"Doesn't matter. I'm not interested in anyone else."
Aw, that's cute.
"Anyways, I'm off to catch a con-artist."

Now what?
"Now I need to buy four tomatoes and eat one at the hospital."

"That's what it says right there."
I know, I was hoping I was just reading that wrong. How does this help your case?!
"I dunno, but I LOVE tomatoes!"
Yeah, well you just ate one in the name of Investigating and it's made you sick.
"Nope. I don't love tomatoes anymore..."

Shall we go turn in your case?
"Let's get this over with. I don't want to eat these tomatoes anymore."

Who... are you... where... did she?
"It's my client, can't you tell?"

"Case CLOSED!"

Uhm.. Felix... your jacket?
"Ah! I'm on fire!"

I'll find a fire extinguisher...

On the other side of the neighborhood, two little birthdays are happening:

Thank goodness. I'm so over toddlers right now.
"They were only toddlers for two days..."
Really? It felt like an eternity.
"Here we go! It's after midnight!"
FINALLY! Foxglove first!

and Leif.

"Did you write down any of their traits?"
I... no. No I didn't. You ask too much of me sometimes I swear.

Leif didn't get a makeover, but Foxglove did.

"Wow, what a lame update."
Shush Reid. Shush.

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