Chapter 39: Watch Out, Felix!

Reid and Steph are enjoying some time together, in the same room, that is.

"Thanks for helping me write my novel."
"I'm doing what now?"
"Nevermind, dear. Just keep playing."
"Oh hey sweetheart, when did you get in here?"
Don't answer that Steph.
"I wasn't planning on it."

"I miss Felix. Playing in the sand makes me feel closer to him."
That is his thing, isn't it?

"Hey, watcher, I have an idea for when I age up."
I'm listening...

If it isn't my P.I. How are you doing Felix?

"This... computer... is... SO COOL!"
You know this case you're doing is for the woman who you rejected for that date, right?
"Well, this will be awkward. Ahem. Hello there, Miss, who I've never met before nor rejected for a date, what seems to be the problem?"
"Oh Felix! I'm so glad you're here! Do you see this?"

"It's your finger, Miss."
"Yes! It's my ring-finger! It's empty."
Choose your words carefully if you want to marry Echo."..."
"I can't find my ring!"
"Oh! I can do that! I LOVE finding things! That's my job, did you know?"
"That's... sort of why I called you?"
"I need to search your house."
"Uh, it's 2am."
"And your point...?"
"Come on in!"
Oh, hey look! It's Olga's new house! In Quinn's old house! Ahh! I love this place! Hi Olga and now old Derrick!

"I'm off to look around the house!"
Go get 'em Felix! Find that ring and make sure you remind her that it means nothing to you when you give it back to her!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Reid isn't getting any younger, and he rolled some wishes to spend time with Steph.

Old sims in relationships are adorable.

"Did you just call us old?!"
"No, I think she said 'gold.'"
Sure. Let's go with that.

Apparently Precious Sackholme-Ivy, the daughter of Aiden Nix, might have stolen that ring! Felix had to go confront her only... She was crying.

Awkward. Well, hurry up. Confront her.
"Aw man..."

The day rose, and I decided Echo would spend her last day as a teen fulfilling some wishes. She wished to take a class in scuba diving. Sure? Why not. There's no dive lots here. So that'll be useful, I'm SURE. She then got a wish to snorkel so I sent her to the beach. Of course, I'm with Felix 24/7, so she had a lot of freetime to do whatever, which included lots of beach-y things.

"To the Bat-Mobile!"
(Cue theme music).

I don't think I've mentioned this, but Felix has an all-black Bwan Speedster appropriately named "The Bat-Mobile." He trades it out with his old-lady-style Motive Mobile every few cases. Echo is personally responsible for carrying all the vehicles and making sure her future husband doesn't die of starvation or pass out on the side of the road.
"I would be lost without that woman."
I'm very sure you would be, but remember she's still a teen, mate.

Now that I have two actually helpful little people around instead of babies, Foxglove was sent to paint and Leif was sent to the chess table. Both then wished to do what the other was doing, thus telling me I got them backwards somehow. I knew I should've read those painting books to Leif too. Curses.
Fear not, readers, there is a solution:

They BOTH paint.

Reid decided he wanted to play for tips.
In the empty room.
In his own house.
"I'm going to make us a fortune!"

You go, crazy old man, you go.

"Look at me! I'm snorkeling!"
You probably shouldn't talk while your face is in the ocean like that.
Echo coughs and chokes on the water.
Told you so.

(The Case of the Tattooed Robber).
"I didn't rob anyone!"

"You have tattoos though!"
You look familiar... it's the hair... the hair and darker skin. I don't know what your name is, but it's Alec now. I've decided.
"Watcher, that's not his name, and I need to question him further about his whereabouts."
"Not you."
It is now. Hi Alec!
"So Alec-I mean... sir, where were you the other night?"

I can't believe you sent Alec to jail.
"It was fun! I LOVE my job! Also, pretty sure that wasn't his name."
I don't know. I'm pretty good with names.
"His name was Doug."
Nope. It's Alec. I had decided. It is fact.
"You're weird, watcher."
What's next?

Uh... what?
"I have to fish for four hours apparently."
For your case?
So you do. Felix, do you know what tonight is?
... Yeah, that's right. Good job. Keep on fishing. And fishing. And... give me a call when you're done... I've got... other things... to do...
"You're REALLY weird, watcher, but whatever. I like you anyways."
Have... have fun! I'll... I'll be over here... not doing anything secretive.
"Have a good time!" (Whistling noises).

"Does he know what tonight is?"
Nope. He's clueless.
"I'm kind of sad he forgot."

He didn't. He just hasn't put two-and-two together. Oh crap! He's done fishing! I'm going to go stall him!

"I need to stakeout a beach!"
Great! You're already here. Go nuts. I'm not doing anything suspicious.
"Good! I'm glad you're not. I'd hate to have to investigate you!"
(Mumbling) Wow you're dense.
Oh, nothing, just... what are you doing?

"I'm being super-secretive! No one can see me!"
While no one can see you dear, you also can't see anyone either.
"... drat. Your statement may have a bit of logic to it."

Just a bit. Whatever. Have fun staring at a rock. I've got... other... non-secretive... things to do!
Felix shrugs and goes back to monitoring the rock.

Happy birthday, Echo!

She aged up to a gorgeous young adult, who was already wearing a wedding dress:

"I'm so ready for this watcher!"
...I've got something better, if you'll humor me.
"Oh! I'm always game!"
So her everyday wear takes on a more traditional, Dragon Valley look:

And her formal?

Watch out, Felix, here she comes.

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