Chapter 40: An Excitable Wedding

As Felix's generation continues to drag on and on, we find our tedious heir staking out... a unicorn?

"Hey! You're in the way! Oh! A Unicorn! I LOVE unicorns!"
Oh Felix...

Reid had a wish to make a friend as well as be best friends with his daughter Foxglove. I saw only one solution to this. 

"Best friends forever!"
"Did you at least remember to check my daughter's traits?"
... (Whistling noise). Oh, are you talking to me? I have no idea what you're talking about.
"So, no?"
It's HARD following Felix around all the time! My BRAIN!

Echo's lifetime wish is Master Mixologist, because why not? She's dipping her toes in that water while we wait for the sunrise.

Reid decided he was going to give maxing the Alchemy career a shot, flipped the elixir store and began to study up on his potion-making.

"Do you think this will work?"
Well... assuming you don't die before, of course!
"That's nice dear..."

Felix was stuck in a bugged-out P.I. case. What's worse is this one took up a majority of the day and night before I even figured out it was bugged. (Tries not to cry, rolls over, cries a lot).

"They're talking about something... OH LOOK A DEER! I LOVE DEER!"
"Welp, I didn't see anything suspicious, I should try again."
(6 tries later)
"Well, I didn't see anything suspicious, I should try again."

"Nothing suspicious here. I should try again."
"To the Bat-Mobile!"

"Echo! My favorite person! You're here! What are you doing here?! I've missed you so-" Felix's eyes bug out of his head. "OHMYGOSHYOU'REANADULT."

Slow down there Felix. You're going to choke her.
"How can I slow down?! She's perfect!"

You guys are so adorable it's almost disgusting.
"Felix? I called the guests already. You should probably propose to me before they arrive so we can get married."
"Oh my! That's a lot of pressure... uhm... Let's see... how should I do this? Oh I need to ask your dad to marry you! WAIT! Done. Ok, so now what do I do?"
Get down on one knee and propose.
"Right! WAIT! She can't KNOW about it!"
"Know about what? What could you POSSIBLY be doing?" Echo winks at the air.
Dear child, I don't know what powers sent you to me, but I am on my knees thanking them for you every minute you deal with him.
"Oh! She's totally in the dark about me proposing! This is great! I LOVE surprises!"

"Oh Felix! What could you POSSIBLY be doing?!"
Nice enthusiasm Echo, just keep stroking his ego.
"Ok... so... Echo..." Felix's eyes go big. "WHAT'S MY LINE?!"
Your line? Are you SERIOUS?
"'Will you marry me?'" Echo whispers.
"NO! That's MY line! I'm supposed to ask YOU."
(Watcher facepalms). Felix. Just propose right now, or so help me I will-
"Echo, willyoumarryme?"

"Aw! Of course I will!"

Because Echo and Felix are doing everything in all sorts of out-of-order, they then went to celebrate their engagement and the hour they had before the guests started arriving in the newly placed shower on the lot.

And there's some chimes. Generation 5 is on the way!

Meanwhile, as they were putting their beautiful formalwear on, guests were arriving. We actually have more family in the town now than can be invited to a wedding at this point, which I find amusing.
We have Rose, looking beautiful as ever. She came with her husband Julius.

I also grabbed a shot of Olga talking to the elder Reia.

Anyone who may not remember, Rose and Reia are Reid's sisters (they were triplets). Rose has 3 children and Reia had twins.

Anyways, the main event:

My excitable P.I. is getting married!
Reia, being the cheerful person she is, booed the whole time.

The mother of the groom cried, and Olga just smiled with Aunt Rose cheering them on from beside her.

Reid decided fishing sounded better than watching his son get married. Oh Sims.

The dopey-face-collage:

And what would a wedding be without my favorite kiss in all the universe:

Congratulations Echo and Felix Nix!

Reid takes a hand off his fishing rod and waves in that direction without looking. "Woo! Ball-and-chains!"
Steph glares at him, "I'll deal with you later."

A/N: This was originally posted on a forum with a 25 screencap limit, so now that I'm free of that, I'll go ahead and throw in the "extras" portion that I put in a post following with all the extra screenshots I couldn't fit in a 25 limit screenshot.

Asides from Echo's incredible beauty, these two are absolutely adorable, rivaling even Sam and Ima... and that's a hard thing to do in my books. 

Of course Felix and Echo had a cake, so I decided to take a picture of the cake-cutting.

Echo decided to do this really adorable pose: 

...and as I zoomed out from that picture I realized something even more adorable than that pose: Felix was staring lovingly at her while she did that. I audibly "aw'ed" at that one. 

Then, the goofy, excitable man he is, started grinning like a nutter crazy person.

Derrick Hooley came and cried at his daughter's (whom he had never met before) wedding. 

Steph started a water-balloon fight at her son's wedding.
I love this family.

I got these adorable shots of Echo and Felix: 

And a kiss for the road, time for Felix to get back to work. 

His needs were low though, which means he needs to whip out the granny Motive-Mobile. Ironically, if he has a MM in his inventory he will use it NO MATTER WHAT, even when the Bat-Mobile is in there. Echo, on the other hand, carries 4 Motive Mobiles (well 5 when Felix isn't using his) and if I even dare put the Bat-Mobile in her inventory for a bit so Felix won't use that instead of the MM, she'll ONLY use that car.
Guess she likes the Bat-Mobile too.

True love is letting your new wife drive your Bat-Mobile home while you take the granny car to your next case. 

Oh, and here's Felix dusting for fingerprints. I don't think he'll have an easy time checking that counter for fingerprints. I'm not entirely sure why I would think that... but it may, or may not, have something to do with the CAT that's on the counter. Just a thought.

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