Chapter 41: We're Doomed

Felix... you ok there buddy?

Don't worry. It's not permanent. It's just your outfit dragging you into the ground.
No you won't die. We just need to change your outfit.
"Mff..Muph MUPH mu muphmuffmuff."
The watcher sighs, yes, I know you love your outfit.
Yes, I'm sure you'll love your next outfit just as much. I promise. Now I'm going to go check on Foxglove and Leif. Go impress those scientists for your case.
Yes, I'll tell Echo you said hi... again.

How's it going here?
"Well we've been chained to these easels for a few days now..."
"I really have to pee."
Leif? You're a plantsim! You shouldn't have to - oh whatever. Motive Mobile ride for everyone!
"Just don't forget about us this time, riding my bike all the way home from the other side of the neighborhood took six hours."
The watcher pinches the bridge of her nose, have mercy do I know. I'll never let myself forget again.

Echo decided to end the ride for herself, sparing the forgetful watcher from leaving them to drive all the way across town by accident.
Isn't pregnancy lovely, ladies and gents?

Echo was practicing her mixology, of course.

Is that safe... you know... given that you're...
"I haven't announced my pregnancy yet. So of course it's safe."
Ah... right... of course. That's how that works, right? Right.
Oh, Felix says 'hi.'
"Aw! He's thinking about me! Oh he's so sweet!"
You really give that man too much credit.

Both Reid and Steph have maxed age bars. This means they've entered wish-fulfillment mode. Steph can be seen here working on some wishes for her writing.

Felix rolled yet another case at three in the morning that wanted him to talk to three other people. Thank the maker for the graveyard.

Great! Now that that's done, it's time to-
"I LOVE stakeouts!"
Nonononono! Not another one of these!

"Hmm, I don't see anything suspicious going on here."
"Hmm, I don't see anything suspicious going on here."
"Hmm, I don't-"

"Watcher! Watcher! Watch this! I can throw this up in the air and catch it! I don't even have to look!"

(Crashing noise of shattering glass.)

That was fantastic, Echo. Do it again! ... Oh wait... no... you BROKE it.
Oh dear... don't cry... oh man...
Echo breaks down into full ugly cry.
I'm going to go check on your husband... loveyouEchobye!

"Another case closed!"
Felix! Felix! Felix! I need you to do me a favor... like now.
"I just finished a case watcher! Look!"
Fan-tabul-astic. I'll pat you on the back later. Like, I need you to do something though. Go to the store...

"Oh my gosh it's my favorite person! Oh I LOVE seeing Echo!"
(He really does get the excited moodlet every time he's near her, and the "My Love" moodlet.)

"The watcher told me that you're hormonal and emotional so I got you these because I love you and... yeah. I LOVE you!"
"Oh! Felix! You're so romantic."
"I have some news for you too, Felix!"

"What is it? Is it good news? I LOVE good news!"
"It IS good news! I'm pregnant!"

And this is the part where Felix's eyebrows rocketed off into the sky and orbited around the sun from surprise. Not like you don't remember me announcing that your 'Try for Baby' was successful, mate.
"Is this for real?!"
"Yes! It's very real!"


Trying to drag Felix away and back to work took significant effort and a lot of 'counting to five' and deep breaths.
Hey! You got an 'Ask 3 Sims' case during a reasonable hour! To the Library!

"Yay! I LOVE my job! I LOVE my life! I LOVE-"
Felix. Remember what I told you?
Felix sucks in a long breath. "One.Two.Three.Four.Five." He lets it out. "Got it."
Good boy. What next?
"Apparently something fishy is going on at the graveyard."
Well duh, how else would all the ghosts know about every single case you've ever had?
"So it's time for a-"

"Hmm... I don't see anything suspicious going on here."
You don't say?"Nope, still nothing suspicious."

Can somebody PLEASE explain to me what about that ISN'T suspicious?! A DOG literally just became an amorphous blob and gave that old man secrets... I just... I just...
"Seems normal to me."
I don't even know what to say anymore. Just... whatever. (Scribbles in notes).
"What are you doing?"
Seeing how many lifetime happiness points it'll take me to get you to a large tombstone.
We're all doomed.

We'll finish this update with an important announcement:

"As Mayor of Dragon Valley, with my fantastic bangs, I hearby give you the key to the city!"

"OHMYGOSH! This is so exciting! I LOVE this city! I LOVE this key!"

Yup. We're all totally doomed.

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