Chapter 42: Halfway There!

PI Case Count: 21/35
Days left to Adult: 1

Have mercy. This lifetime wish is killing me.
"Watcher! I LOVE my job!"
That makes one of us...

"Have I been spotted?!"
Uh... somehow... you haven't?

Sim logic.

Foxglove has followed in her father's footsteps and autonomously started playing instruments. I guess music runs deep in this family.

Aww... you know what's wrong with this picture?
Foxglove grumbles under her breath and sulks back to her easel. "Leif should do this..."

Leif was... busy.

"You are the most beautiful plant I've ever seen. We should get together and hang out sometime." (Pause) "Of course! Your leaves are magnificently green... have you touched up your chloroplasts?"
Leif... what are you doing?
"Ah! You weren't supposed to be listening to that!"
The watcher snickers. Ah, young love... that tree is way too old for you, sweetie.
"Ahem, I have no idea what you're talking about."
In a mocking tone: have you touched up your chloroplasts, dear Leif?
For those who didn't know, Leif is absolutely gorgeous.

Foxglove got saved by her father who rolled a wish to see her get to an 'A.' It's wish granting season for Reid and Steph, so of course I'm forced to drag Foxglove away from her beloved easel kicking and screaming...
"Yeah, you stopped screaming eventually, Watcher."

Don't mind that her hair changed. More CC happened.
"What's CC?"
Everything. It's love. It's life.
"O..k.. then."

Felix got another fishing case, of course, so I set him up to fish and didn't bother to check on him again for a while as I dropped in on his beautiful, pregnant wife.
How are you feeling dear?

"It's so hot outside!"
Oops, I think I shouldn't have put your mixology bar outside in the land of eternal summer. I guess this isn't like the old days where you could sit on an empty lot for days on end with no repercussions...
"Stop being nostalgic for a time I never existed in! I'm pregnant, my ankles are swollen... you're dragging my thunder-muffin halfway around this forsaken town and I haven't seen him in like... four hours... and I'm just a little emotional right now, ok? And it's just too hot!"
(Here's to you, @mpart.)
Don't worry! I've got this!

"No! This drink is terrible! I dropped another glass on the floor... I'm just too upset right now!"


What... are you doing?
"I'm FISHING! I LOVE fishing! Oh - and I'm SWIMMING! I LOVE swimming!"
Have you... caught anything?
"No! I have no idea why though."
Me either. Watcher whistles. MAN, how did this family get to be so ripped?

"What does that mean?"
Well, it means... wait... mayday! We're being pulled elsewhere!


To the nursery with you! Awaaaay! The Watcher clears her throat. FELIX! I HAVE SOMETHING YOU'LL LOVE!

Ode to the many faces of Felix Nix.

I like to believe that Sims tell their own stories. Felix very much did. He panicked for a solid hour on Echo, and the second he was done?

He starts reading Totally Preggers. Yeah. That just happened.
"I'm NOT prepared for this... OH! I LOVE reading!"
You do realize the baby is HERE, Felix... right?

May I present to the world, Dagan Nix. Our generation five!

I actually wrote down his traits this time! Couch Potato and Heavy Sleeper. What a winner.

I sent Felix to the store again, I figured Echo has a rough enough time being married to our darling Felix and then delivering their child all on her own, she deserves something nice.

You guys are sickeningly cute, you know that, right? I love it.
Felix always has a dopey smile on his face when he's with Echo. I think I see now why she puts up with him all the time.

Echo got a nice treat and I sent her to get another massage to wrap up her pregnancy, thus leaving... oh no.
FELIX! Are you sure you can be trusted alone with your child?!
"Hey! I'm sure I can do this!"
Says the man who waited until his wife was in labor to start reading the pregnancy book...
"Aw! Hello my son!"

Felix... you're so... serious. Is that really all you have to say?
Felix pauses.

Aaaand he's back.
Dagan starts crying.
I hope Echo gets back soon...
"Please don't cry! Daddy doesn't love crying!"
We're halfway there.

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