Chapter 43: A Midlife Crisis

We'll start this chapter with a picture of toddler Dagan: just like his mama!

Those eyes are different though. His mother has blue eyes. Felix... well we all know what color eyes Felix has...
Reid has green eyes like his hair (used to be). Steph has yellow eyes. Olga's eyes were blue. I suppose that leaves Derrick.
Yeah. We'll go with him. Dagan is striking.
I usually use that word when adorable doesn't fit. His cheekbones are just so prominent. I'm sure he'll be handsome as he grows though.

"You're perfect!"

"D'aw, you're too sweet!"
I love you guys, but Felix, you've gotta get back to work. We're getting there! We can do this!
"I want to teach Dagan how to talk."
Alright, Echo, go for it!

These two make up literally the perfect parenting duo. Echo rolled a wish to teach Dagan how to talk and how to go potty, while Felix rolled the wish to teach him how to walk. They divided the chores up and went for it. Crazy.

How's it going over here?

There was a mutual noise of understanding from both of them.
Great... that's... lovely. Don't talk each other's ears off...
They both mumble something at the same time without looking away from the easel.
Uh huh. Right. Back to Dagan. He's more lively than you are and he's only a toddler.

So cute!
"Say mama!"
Together: "What?" What?

Who are you? Why are you in the house? We don't own a dog. When did you get here? How did you get in? I... I don't even...
Echo shrugs. "Say mama!"
"No, mama!"
"Dooooggy! WUV doggy!"
He's been around Felix too long.
"I only left him with Felix for an hour while I went to the spa..."
As I said... too long.
"How is Felix doing anyways?"
Don't ask.

"Nope. I don't see anything suspicious here."
Nevermind. Watcher exhales a long breath. Maker have mercy on my soul, because I'm about to scream.
"If you want to scream: YEAH! Let me know and I'll take you there!"
Now that's what I'm talking about. 'Get you goin' like ah-ooh baby baby! Ooh! Baby.'
"I LOVE that song!"
Pretty sure you love every song.
"I DO!"

Steph is at home working on one of her dozens of novels. I've lost count at this point and I don't even really care. She's written so many novels that she's on name 3 and name 4 for each title it seems. Keep 'em coming, Steph! If you live long enough you might see those massive royalties!

"Wow... such encouragement." She responded flatly. "I'm so touched."
That's what I'm here for! Are you and Reid still fighting?
"We're not fighting, we're just not talking to each other."
Uhm... there's a difference?
"He and I are just different people I guess. We just argue all the time when we talk, so us not talking is how we show our love."
And that works for you?
Then don't let me stop you.
"I don't intend to."

"Watcher look!"

Great job Echo! You're almost done with your skill and lifetime wish! Keep it-- OH MY GOSH DON'T SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE.

You and your husband are trying to kill me.
"Is it working?"
Yes. It very nearly is. Except I lived.

I pop back to our painters and stop suddenly.
Foxglove... you... you painted that?

"Yeah? You like it?"
I... I don't know what to say... It's so beautiful. I bet Tiamet would love it...
Shh. I'm admiring. I'm going to put it on the wall. It'll draw attention away from some of the nasty Twilight pictures we have in here.

"Why do you keep them if you hate them?"
Izzy painted them. I need to keep her around somehow. Not to mention they weren't originally Twilight pictures.
"Who? What?"
Shh. You're talking too much now, child. Shh. Hey, when did you change clothes? I certainly didn't pick that outfit for you. It's cute though!
"Aw, thanks!"

Have you moved Dagan from the walker yet, I don't want him to learn to walk before Felix gets-

Well poo... this isn't good for the children.

Goodbye, Steph. You and Reid really pulled in a solid generation. I'm sorry you two didn't end up getting along in the end...

"Don't go mom!"
Well, this is heartbreaking. Even Inappropriate Reid...


Hey buddy... your mom just died...

"BIRTHDAY!" He beamed. "Oh no! What's that?" He bursts into tears.

"This is terrible!" He sobs.
I'm sorry buddy...
"My mom is dead... and I'm older now... and I... I..."


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