Chapter 44: Chatterbugs

Felix comes back home and I help dress him back into the Felix we all know and love.

Minus the 'loves everything' part.
Are you sure you don't love the hairstyle?
He shrugs. "It's nice."
Don't you want to cheer about it?
...because you love it?
He sighs.
Oh man...

In other news: our painters have suddenly realized that they are not the only person in the room!

"Hey, do I know you? Why are you crying too?"
Foxglove takes a shaky breath in. "My mom just died..."
"That was your mom? She helped raise me after my mom moved out! How come I never saw you before?"
"You've been here this whole time? When did you get here?"
"I've been here since I was born! When did YOU get here?"
"Really? I've been here since I was born too."
"Oh. I'm Leif."

"I'm Foxglove."
"What a crummy way to meet!"
She nods. "I'm sad."
"Me too."

"Felix sweetie, are you ok?"

"My mom is dead. I've got wrinkles and I'm getting older and going nowhere in my career."
That's not true... you're maxed out in your career! And we're working to get you your Lifetime Wish!
"Shh, go away, watcher, I've got this." Echo shoos. "Hey sweetie, it's ok to be sad, you know?"
Felix bursts into tears and cries on her shoulder.

"Everything is falling apart! I hate everything!"
"Shh, I know. It's ok love."

Meanwhile I had Reid drop off the tombstone to our graveyard. He then proceeded to handle his wife's death in the same way he handled most big changes in his life:

By Fishing.

"Wait, so you're a painter? That's so weird! I am too!"

"You are? We should paint together sometime!"
"This is so cool! I thought there was no one out there who ever understood me!"
"Me either. Hey, can I touch your hair? It looks really cool, how do you keep it so green?"
"I keep up with my chloroplast routine..."

Felix and Echo continue to be the most adorable couple in the room, despite the sadness that is filling the house.

"You know we'll get through this. We can do anything together." Felix consoles her.
"Dagan will never get to know his grandma though!"
"He'll always have us though."

"You know I've been studying some logic recently, and dabbling in a bit of photography..."
"That's SO cool! I've touched on logic, but not really that much, I've mostly been shuffled around while listening to guitar instructions..." Foxglove shrugs.
"Guitar is so cool though! You'll be like... a rocker girl or something."

...I'm just not even sure what to make of this. You ignore each other all of your lives, and suddenly now you can't stop talking to each other...
Welp, whatever.
"Oh and don't even get me started on those stupid tabcasts...!"

I finally dragged Reid back home and he solemnly played the piano.

Man, I have got to get this house out of the slump it's in.

Felix went back to work and Echo went back to mixology, though she seemed surprisingly chipper.

Well, when she's not breaking glasses.
"I have a plan, watcher. Just wait and see."
A plan, you say? Fill me in...

"No, and of course she doesn't listen! It's like, what I want doesn't even matter!"
Leif nods, "completely. She's out of control."

The Watcher clears her throat. So, how's it going here, chatterbugs?
"...and that is why we are the luckiest people in the universe to have such a great Watcher."
Foxglove nods quickly. "So generous and helpful."
Darn straight.
"Hey Foxglove, can I try something out on you? I've never done this before, but I want to know if it's true."
"What is it?"

Welp, ladies and gents, turns out Felix isn't the only expressive one in this household.

"Oh my gosh, you're like the most handsome man in the room. Where have you been my whole life? Can I follow you wherever you go?"
(Cue the eight-hour-long "Obsessed" moodlet and lots of wish rolling.)
"So that's what that does..."
That's dangerous.
"We're keeping it, right?"
Oh yeah.

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