Chapter 45: Out of Whack

The random dog is back, and Foxglove and Leif were pried apart to begin my hunt to see Fenris's glorious picture.

Foxglove and Leif grumble in unison.
We WILL find the precious! It will be mine!
They each exchange a look towards each other and stifle a giggle.

The household moves onward though. Echo takes Dagan to the library to read up on his toddler books now that he's all trained. He hasn't got any traits that specify anything, so I'm going down every route to be prepared in the future. He's also super adorable.

Seeing his expressive face makes me miss Felix...

Felix is still around, of course, just not nearly as vibrant as he usually is. He completed a nice stakeout which followed our lovely Bradan Nix around the family graveyard.

Still rocking that mullet even in death, Bradan?

Ghostly voice: "I'm still fabulous! Wooo!"
You sure are...
Ghostly voice: "Did I ever tell you about that time I won the big game and took home the championship?"
I'm leaving now... tata!
Ghostly voice: "So I was running onto the field and..."

Back at the library, guess who else is pregnant?!

Olga! I've missed you! You're so radiant like that!
"Hey! My daughter and grandson are here! Say hello to your future baby sibling!"
Only in my short dynasty... heh.
Oh! Derrick! Thank goodness. I need to settle something!

Yup! Dagan is your clone buddy!
Also at the library, this little cutie was dropped a foot away from where Dagan and Echo were reading all the toddler books!

Could I be staring at the future spouse of generation 5?

Felix! How goes our stakeout progress?
"Fine. I haven't seen anything yet, but I'll keep looking."

It's distressing to see you so... sad.
"I hate everything..."

I... know...

For those who weren't aware, the Nix art room is now beautifully adorned.

This is a million and one times better.

And Foxglove and Leif are still on the hunt for my Fenris. We may not see it, as it seems to be connected to the Dislikes Art trait, which no one has had yet.

I refuse to give up though! I'm also getting some really gorgeous pictures out of it too, so I'm not complaining.

"My hands!" Foxglove complains.
Shhh. This is the sound of productivity. MUSH!

Echo finished reading Dagan all the books and brought him back home to work on the xylophone. Meanwhile, her plan was progressing very well.
"Oh Watcher, I don't feel good..."

"Oh, baby!" She smiled. "If this doesn't pull Felix from his slump, I don't know what will!"
You're an evil genius, woman, an evil genius.
"Thanks! How is my dear doing?"
Fantastic. Did you know we're 2 cases away from his lifetime wish? I wish he were happy about it though...
"We can do this Watcher! Felix isn't Felix unless he LOVES everything. The whole world is out of whack now!"
You're right. We've got this. Let's bring Felix back!

Meanwhile, Reid really took Steph's death hard. I think it was because the last thing he did was insult her before they stopped talking to each other. Are you doing ok there buddy?
He doesn't respond. He just stands by where his wife used to write and cries while pulling out and putting away her laptop.

This can't be healthy...
So I put him to work doing something a little more... cheerful.

"Now hit this one right over here!"
That's a relief... I can't handle two of you being out of sorts... Now we just need to work on Felix.

Wow Felix, you're actually getting better about picking hiding spots for your stakeouts.

"Thank you."
Don't you just love stakeouts?
He shrugs. "They're alright."
The Watcher sighs. Echo better be right about this...

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