Chapter 46: Foxglove, because Foxglove

A/N: There was a lot going on in my life at the time of this update, and on the forum I was on I had updated when Felix completed his lifetime wish: 

and Dagan aged up to child: 

We were dealing with a family hospitalization, etc. All is well now, of course, this was a while ago, but just an FYI on why things jumped ahead a bit for this.

Dagan aged up to child in between the last update and this one, and Felix completed his Lifetime Wish.
Upon aging up to child, Dagan rolled the LTW Illustrious Author.
A painter and a writer. Only done that one a million times before, but hey! It's easy and the kid hasn't rolled any skill-specific traits. Win-Win.
Thusly, it was time to put away some of the creative utensils in the Art Room of the Nix Mansion and expand it to be more... fitting of what is to come.

I was playing a wonderful game of "clean out everyone's inventories" (I know, I live so dangerously), when I discovered these two in Felix's inventory:

Dagan took to painting like a weasel to the seven-day circus.
What? That makes sense. Majnun told me it did.
Wrong story.

However Felix then rolled the wish to become best friends with Dagan. I hate when people interrupt my Sims when I finally got them on a roll, but Felix has been feeling down lately and I decided he was worth it to try to cheer him up.

Unfortunately though, Felix does not seem to show much signs of healing, nor has he returned to his excitable-self yet.
Echo is still working through her pregnancy. I've lost count how many days it's been, but it feels like 1000. Probably only been one though. This is how my life has been.

"No, I'm not going to cheer you up too." Echo frowned. "I already devoted my body to having a child just to cheer up Felix. I have no more I can give the world."
You've done more than enough! But... can you tell me why... at level 9... you still make disgusting drinks?
"Oh hush."

Foxglove and Leif are getting ready to age up, and I get to admire all the paintings in this glorious paintings replacement mod.

Still no Fenris... The watcher sighs sadly.

Felix now has ample free-time on his hands, and he's going to max all the skills he had started before going all PI on me.

"This man looks interesting."
Indeed, the cowboy hat is a nice touch. Feeling any better, Felix?
"I feel alright, why do you ask?"
Just checking in.
"Oh, thanks."
(A few moments later.)

Despite him not being as enthusiastic as usual, Felix is still 100% in love with Echo.

On the other side of the house, Foxglove and Leif have reached day zero and it's time for them to face their cakes:

Leif went first. Don't ask me about his traits. I don't know. I remember one of them is Loves the Cold. I remember I laughed at that because he's a plant and plants typically do not love the cold.
"I don't need your judgment! I'm unique!"
Yes... yes you are.

He aged up with a leafy beard, and when I was finished laughing at him I sent him over to the dresser.

(Leif is grumbling under his breath).

Up next was Foxglove, who I remember gained Adventurous to add to...
Yeah I don't know.

"S'ok; you did your best."
That I did. Now let's have a look at-OH MY GOSH.
"What?! What?! Is there something wrong with my face?!"


I'm saving you.
"I don't need saved-"

Meanwhile, Reid rolled a wish to see Foxglove get married. Seeing as I love her bunches and Leif and her have flirted before, I decided to see if they might roll some wishes for each other by having them flirt.
The following is the adorableness of Foxglove. I have no regrets.

Her eyes are so big... they're so adorable.

What's this? A sassy eyebrow to go with Quinn's lips?! Fantastic! Sassiness all around!

And she's back to being adorable.

I'll leave you all with her lovely face.

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