Chapter 47: He Loves Beds

Foxglove and Leif have been... undecided in their feelings for each other. So I'm just following any wishes they give me.

Foxglove, however, makes the most adorable faces!

"Wait! Wait! I can't breathe."

"Take that!"

"Hey!" She laughed.

I had to get a picture of Leif too, I guess...
And back to Foxglove.

You're just sooo pretty, love.
"Thank you!"
"Hey! What about me?"
You have Olga's genes, you don't need me to tell you that you're pretty.
"This is true."
Of course it is. Speaking of Olga's genes, I'm going to check up on Echo.

Echo and Dagan were talking on the front lawn.

"So, you're going to be a big brother!"
"Really? That's fantastic!" Dagan grinned.
For some reason, I didn't expect you to take this so well.
Dagan shrugged. "Why not?"
I... I have no idea. Ah well.
"Can I feel the baby?"
"Of course!"

"Oh... baby!"
You've got expressive eyes, just like your daddy. Hey, where is your daddy?
"Painting the side of the house, as usual."
Right! Thanks, love.

How are you doing, Felix?
"Not too bad."
Feeling excitable?
He shrugs slightly. "I'm just enjoying the free-time I have."
Well, it was worth a shot.

"Watcher! I rolled it! I rolled it!"
Yay! Here I was ready to give out on you guys! Go for it! Go!

"You have pretty eyes. They match your hair."
"Aww, thanks."

"Wow, you're a really great kisser too, you know I-"
Felix bursts into the room then, "WATCHER!"
What?! What is it?!
"You bought a BED for the house! Why?!"
Foxglove and Leif both wanted to pillowfight. Apparently you need pillows to pillowfight with. The watcher sighs. Ah, semantics.
"But... you bought... a BED!"
Yeah...? What's the problem?
"There is none... I just... I LOVE beds!"

What was that...?
"I said... I LOVE BEDS!"


"I LOVE EVERYTHING!" He paused then, "except crying. I don't love crying... unless it's happy crying... then I LOVE crying!"
"I LOVE my art! I LOVE my tablet! I LOVE my sister- HI SISTER!"
Foxglove awkwardly waved at her brother while their romantic moment was interrupted.
"Where's Echo?! She's my FAVORITE person! I have to tell her I LOVE her!"
You go do that, I'm going to check on your father.

What-chya up to, love?
"Playing soccer..." Reid cleared his throat and bursts into song, "ALL BY MYSELF!"

This is what you get for showing up to the festival at 7:30 in the morning, love.
"I'm so lonely!" He sniffled. "Oh! I think I'm going to join the Hot-Dog eating contest!"
Reid... what are you... it's not even 8 in the morning! There's no one here!

"Shh. I'm... I'm trying to enjoy my last few days on this world."
Oh, now you're just making me feel bad! Well fine, enjoy your 8am hot-dog-eating-contest and I'll go check on your daughter and her new love interest!

You're so pretty when you paint, love. And when you pillow fight. And when you exist.
She laughed. "I'm always existing."
Precisely. This is why I saved you to the bin.
"Whatever that means."
Shh, none of your concern.
What? You're not even painting something pretty.
Leif rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath.
FINE! Here... now I've taken your picture. Now... shush.

Did you find Echo, dear?
"Yes! I did! I LOVE her! I've decided to start reading a pregnancy book!"

Wow, you're ahead of schedule this time!
"I LOVE reading! I LOVE sitting. I LOVE music. I LOVE babies!" He flipped to the next page and jumped back. "I DON'T LOVE LABOR! AH!"
Turn the page! Turn the page!
"Phew, that's better. I LOVE babies!"

How's it going Echo? Your hubby is back in full swing now.

"That he is, watcher. That he is."
Are you ok? You seem... tense?
"I got pregnant to help him be pulled from his funk... and what actually does it? A BED."
The watcher grows quiet.
"A friggin' BED!"
Are you sure you should be drinking like that while you're pregnant?
"There's no rules against it."
Ah... right then... carry on... Game logic.
"Double the dosage."

I'm... I'm going to leave you be, ok dear? Don't... uh... Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Echo grumbled under her breath. "Beds... pfft... BEDS!"

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  1. Foxglove is 100% the best case scenario of Quinn descendants while looking even more like him than Ara did (I think it's the big eyes + the mouth)...not to be mean, he's a good guy! Just one who has janky-looking kids, and shouldn't the best townies have at least one of those? :P

    No idea where you are genetically now in the short dynasty, but the janky-looking kids tangent made me think of grabbing the original service NPCs from a fresh Dragon Valley for strategic town seeding later on. I mean I'd do it for a short dynasty and spit in the face of every watcher, plus no one ever thinks of the service NPCs.

    I'm rambling, and I honestly hope you're not reading this while still in school, hit those books and/or lesson plans instead!