Chapter 48: Senile, New Friends!

Reid... looks like you're not the only old fart who to want to participate in a Hot Dog Eating Contest at 8am on a Monday morning.

"I like this guy. I think we should be friends with him."
The watcher laughed. Sure thing, I can work with that.

The first bell rings then... and they're off!

Watching two old men choke down hot dogs at 8 in the morning on a Monday morning is... priceless.

Don't you both go and have heart-attacks now, you old geezers.

In the end, Reid suffered defeat.
Go ahead and use the potions, Reid. 'Cause, 'Ain't nobody got time' to make friends at your age.

Thus, they became best friends.
Turns out they're both loners.
"We can be loners... together!" 

"What? It's hard to hear you? You want to to become organ donors?"
"What did you say, friend? Your printer ran out of toners?"
"No, no, I'm not married."
"Oh, me either, not anymore. High five, new friend!" 

They both stared down at their hands as they missed. 

One of Reid's sisters was at the park, the lovely Rose! Carrying her own grandchild Leilani along with her daughter Louisa. 

However, it seems Rose and Louisa got bored and decided to carry on elsewhere. Always remember everyone: children need to be cooked evenly on hot concrete in the baking son to be fully ripened. 

"And this is my grandson Dagan! He's such a fantastic kid!" 

"He doesn't look like a Meagan..."
"What do you mean he's taken? He's only a child!"
"What about the mile?"
"Oh, and this is my son and daughter, Felix and Foxglove! Now why do I have so many pictures of Foxglove?"

The watcher whistles innocently.
"That's a very strange looking boxing glove."
"Yes, I told her that dress looked like a rug."
"What? What did you say?" 

"Check me out, new friend! I got my face all did up!"
"Who are you?"

What a lovely unicorn, Reid.
"Hey, let's go start a water-balloon fight, friend!"
"I've always liked the color maroon. My wife wore it all the time."
"No, you don't need a knife. Let's go!"

So our senile, hard-of-hearing, pair of friends face off against Louisa and Rose. So THAT'S where they went when they left their child to bake in the sun properly followed cooking instructions for their baby.

These two were a hoot.

After throwing poorly eight million times in a row, Reid finally lands a hit!

Oh dear... are you sure this is a safe game for the elderly to play?
"What's the worst that could happen? We die?" Reid joked.
"I love sandwiches on Rye, how did you know?"
"No, we don't need you to fly. Just throw the water balloon!"

"Girls rule and boys drool!" Reid shouts.
Reid. Uhm. Reid?
"What is it? Who are you?!"
I'm... I'm your watcher...
"Huh? That's nice dear... but we're playing bingo to win!"

"Oh! My kidney!"
His friend cleaned out his ears. "What about Sydney?"

REID! That's not funny to joke about!
"Yes it is, and you know it."

As if by magic, the dark music appeared then, and Grim came to collect a dog in the park after giving the watcher a massive heart-attack.
No more water-balloon fights you two! Now say goodbye to your friend. We're going home before you die.
"Huh? Who are you talking about?"
Oh, brother.

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