Chapter 49: Chaos Ensues

"What's going on over here, new friend?"
"Oh, some dog keeled over in the park."
"Oh, so, normal Monday?"

I got a notice that six people just died in a row this morning, so the Grim Reaper is officially on a Union Break.
"Yipee! Finally a moment of peace."

"You people die too fast."
Tell me about it.

"Come'on new friend! Let's go do another Hot-Dog Eating contest!"
"Who are you?"

"Hey! Who's interrupting our Hot-Dog Eating contest?" Reid paused. "Oh, wait, that's me."

Reid! You're leaving us? Now?
"Yup. Now is good. Bye new friend!"
"Are we going home now?"
"Nope! Just me!"
"Oh, phooey."

The Grim Reaper sighs dramatically and sulks over from the skating rink. "Are you SERIOUS right now? I JUST got a break!"

"Blah blah blah, Reaping and death and doom and darkness. Are you ready?"
"Nice to meet you too, are you my new friend?"
"Uh... sure?"

Goodbye Reid. You were one really talented, rocking, heir.
"I can finally take a nap now."
His graveyard was placed in the family graveyard next to Stephs.

"Well, that was crap timing, Watcher."
Tell me about it, Echo. Reia and Rose all died within an hour of Reid too. Along with Ariel, your grandmother, and a few other townies.
"Must suck to be the Grim Reaper tonight."
I'm sure it does, darling, I'm sure it does. Hey, what are you doing?
"Well, Dagan was trying to get a good grade in school so he stayed late to clean bug cages, which you know is a massive mood killer anyways, and then Reid had to go and die in the middle of it all."
How's Dagan doing?
"Not well."

"There, there, son."
Does that hurt your arms?
"Shush, I'm being a parent right now. I'll worry about my dislocated joints later."
I'm going to go check on your husband.
"Good call. If he fell out of whack again tell him I'm not doing a darn thing about it."
Ah, pregnancy hormones.

What's up, doc?
"Just spray painting. It's so strange having so much free time. I LOVE having free time."

Of course... The watcher clears her throat awkwardly. You know your dad died.
"Huh? Oh yeah, I know. I was sad for a while then Foxglove hit me with a fancy machine thingy and suddenly I wasn't sad anymore."
Hit you... literally?
"I don't remember. I think I blacked out."
Well, so long as it works.

Hello beautiful! And Leif... and Dagan... and random dog that wasn't ours that walked into our house and died here...

"Hello, Watcher!" Foxglove says cheerfully.
Leif grumbles under his breath and paints some more. Dagan doesn't even notice the greeting.
So... Foxglove? Lovely, gorgeous, amazing Foxglove... I got new CC! You should come let me play with your hair!
"Hm? New hair? Count me in! Anything to take a break from painting!"
"What about me?!"
Well, you're a plantsim, Leif, you'd look weird in any other hair... Though I did get new hair for when you age up, Dagan!
Dagan continues painting without saying anything.
Right... So, Foxglove?
"Let's go!"

She's so pretty I swear I loved every hair on her.
I eventually settled on a short, choppy cut because... cute!

You're so gorgeous!
"Aw, thanks!"
I can't wait for- INCOMING PING ALERT.


There, there, dear, let's take you down to the nursery.
"Sounds good. Where's Felix?"
Outside, do you want me to get-
Alright then.

Several hours of birthing later.

"Aw! My little girl!"
Name, please?
"Sheera Nix."
Aw, I love that name.

And the genetics have come back around to being pink.
The watcher looks at the time of day: REALLY?! You gave birth FOUR MINUTES after midnight? ECHO!
"Oh no, you're NOT complaining about how long it took me to squeeze a baby out of my-"
Nope. We're not having this discussion. We're ending this discussion and starting something new. Do you know her traits?
"That's not my job."
Right. Do *I* remember her traits? No.
The answer is no.
"Some watcher you are."
Thank you. I appreciate your kind understanding and support.
"Of course."

"I suddenly feel more fulfilled! I'm a DAD again! I LOVE being a dad!"
Congratulations, papa, her name is Sheera!
"I LOVE Sheera! I LOVE Echo! I LOVE Dagan! I LOVE everything!"
Yes. Yes you do.
"Can we go on that vacation now? Echo and I have been wanting to for ages."
Two days. You've wanted to for two days.
"Yeah, so, ages!"
Yeah, so... about that trip...

Congratulations you two! You've both completed your lifetime wish!

"Thanks watcher!"
Leif rolls his eyes. "Yeah, thanks."
So, I need you two to do me a favor...
"Here we go."
Well, you know how Echo and Felix want to go on vacation with Dagan...?

"So... we're in China..."
Foxglove grins and looks at him with big eyes. "Yeah! We are!"

"What do we do now?"
"I dunno!"
Get that Level 3 Visa for me, lovely Foxglove?
"Foxglove don't-"
Leif sighs. "Well, this will be a long six days."

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