Chapter 51: I've Made Up Your Mind


"So there are all these stars out there that are-OH!"

"Uh-huh. Stars and stuff."

"Is that the sign that I should talk less?"
"Nope. Keep talking. I'm just listening."

"Oh, ok... well.. Oh! Do you see that one?"

"Oh! That one is nice, but you know what I think we should do?"
They share a look and nod.

"And you've been painting right next to me for... basically our whole lives?"
"Yup, when I wasn't in the garden."
The watcher coughs. Hitting on the trees...
Foxglove giggles. "I see how it is. So, am I prettier than a tree to you?"
"Far prettier."

(Autonomous dip kiss while the watcher cringes about never giving them proper sleepwear...)
"Hey, Foxglove?"
"You know, I know we've kind of danced around this, but I think I'm in love with you. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"I thought you'd never ask...! Yes!"

"Oh, ok, good, that'll make this next part smoother."
"Next part?"
"Yeah, hold on."

"Why are you getting on the floor like that?"
"You'll see."

"Hey Foxglove?"
"What are you doing, Leif?"
"Foxglove Nix."

"Will you marry me?"


"Oh shush."
Whatever, it happened. That's all that matters. Now get dressed and go outside.
"So pushy."
Yeah, well, we're burning moonlight here and the second you guys get home the clocks will start ticking for you again.
"So I take it this means I'm not having children, am I, Watcher?"
Oh no, Ms. Foxglove. You're going to give me children one way or another.
"But Leif and I can't conceive normally..."
I'm working on it.


Do you, Leif, take Foxglove to be your wife?
"I do."

Do you, Foxglove, take Leif to be your husband?
"I do."

You're now married. Please kiss. (Watcher dabs tears away).

What better way to celebrate being husband and wife than by... giving each other gifts of random things you found in your pockets?

"Yes! I've always wanted that car that you took out of my inventory several times and put back! How thoughtful!"
"Of course!"

"Oh my gosh, I've always wanted a random piece of stone that we'll sell when we get back to Dragon Valley! Thank you so much!"
"I'm just so thoughtful like that."
"So what should we do now?"
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"
Foxglove grinned. "Oh yeah..."

Together: "PILLOWFIGHT."
So, ladies and gentlemen. I've made up their minds.

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