Chapter 53: The Watcher Took Notes!

Alright everyone (clears throat). I've been slacking as a Watcher, so I've wanted to make up for it. Actions mean more than words, so here we go! Here's all the traits of everyone currently born in the household, and what they accomplished in the next 180 pictures!

Felix Nix (our generation 4 heir): Hot-Headed, Loves the Heat, Excitable, Perceptive, Artistic.
Felix maxed: Charisma, Fishing, Street Art, Logic, Painting, Photography, and Cooking. He got to level 7 of the Advanced Technology skill too as well as level 2 of the Gardening skill and level 1 of the Martial Arts skill (mostly for a wish).
Echo Nix (wife of Felix): Loves to Swim, Loves the Cold, Frugal, Light Sleeper, Nurturing.
Echo maxed: Gardening, Mixology, Fishing, Logic, Photography, Handiness, and Writing. She got to level 7 of the Alchemy skill and created 30+ potions (15 Bliss elixirs, mostly for her to use to try and Supermax Alchemy later, and 15+ Friendship Elixirs). She also completed her LTW when we returned home and bought a Bar for her.
Dagan Nix (our generation 5 heir, teenager): Dog Person, Loves the Heat, Heavy Sleeper, Couch Potato.
Dagan maxed: Cooking, Handiness, Painting, Photography, Writing, Gardening, and Logic. He made it to level 5 of the Fishing skill ala tutoring from papa Felix. He completed his LTW, oh and he got to prank half the town...
Foxglove Nix (Felix's sister, generation 4 GORGEOUS spare):Adventurous, Star Quality, Loner, Virtuoso, Couch Potato.
She didn't go on vacation, but I would like to note that she's still gorgeous.
Leif Nix (Foxglove's husband, Ex-PlantSim and son of lovely Olga): Good Sense of Humor, Supernatural Fan, Good, Athletic, Loves the Cold.
Also didn't go on vacation, but he at least helped make a baby with my glorious Foxglove. Good on you Leif, for giving up your heritage for the sake of carrying Foxglove's line.
Sheera Nix (our generation 5 spare, infant): Perceptive, Easily Impressed.
Sheera is a baby. No vacation. Silly Echo gave birth to her four minutes after midnight so I'm stuck waiting two days for her to age into toddler and another two days for her to become a child. She will likely not be able to accumulate any points unless I get creative.
And hey, who says I'm not creative?

Finally, as of now in my file, the Nixes own 12 (all) Rabbit Holes (that can be owned), and all properties, but only 7 are fully upgraded. I'm just being lazy about upgrading the rest and will get to it within the next five generations.

Anyways, shall we begin?
We left off with Foxglove and Leif getting home from their vacation and (gasp) Leif became a real boy!

"What-chya reading, Felix?"
"Oh, that pregnancy book for baby Sheera."
Foxglove looks at him in disbelief. "Sheera's already been born though."
"Better late than never!"
Dagan sits in silence and ignores his aunt and father.
Dagan, be careful not to turn your head too sharply to your left, you may cut your father by accident.

Those cheekbones, though...

Leif comes home and the autonomous romantic socials are flying with Foxglove.
See, I told you she's gorgeous, Leif. If you had stopped trying to have an opinion earlier on then this could've been you... like... a day ago game-time.
"Shh. I'm hugging my wife."

"Aww, your hair is red! You're so cute!"
"Tell me something I don't already know."
Dagan finally expresses his opinion, for once.


Moving right along. Echo calls and gathers three tickets to China for nine days, as per the allotted amount of time per Sim.

They all roll their random "arrival" wishes ("Meet a Local" "Go to X" "Buy Y") and I oblige them. We need a happy start for maximum skill gain.

Everyone returns home and hops in the Motive Mobile before the house magically gains one addition to the exterior. The first of many.

"Oh, is that a bar?"
That it is, Echo love. That it is.

"Sweet! Now to crawl my way to level 10!"
Don't remind me...
Felix began to work on his Street Art to knock that wish out (to Max it).

Dagan resumes the hunt for Fenris works on his painting skill.

Blah blah blah.

Stiiiiillll crawling!
"Just keep crawling... just keep crawling... just keep crawling, crawling. What do we do? We-" (sighs) "-crawl... crawl."

Then I line myself up, ready to get that screenshot of her maxing this skill like 'Yes! You can do this watcher!' and then at the last minute the camera shifts slightly and flies up in the air.
(Poker face)

So we began the motions of her creating a lot of great quality+ Skill Gain drinks (because nobody has time to wait for Echo to get her act together make perfect drinks).
Just telling it like it is. We'd be spending all nine days trying, no thanks. You're worth more than that.
"Aww... that's actually sweet of you, watcher."
No, I mean, I can earn more points from you if we don't waste your silly time trying to make perfect drinks. Now MUSH.
Echo grumbles. "I see why they call you the 'Queen of Mush' now..."
Precisely. Have you seen you and Felix? SO CUTE!

"Oh! Echo! My favorite person! Hi Echo! Look! I'm spray painting our lawn that isn't actually a lawn!"
"Hi sweetie. Don't inhale too many of those fumes, kay?"
(Sucks in deep breath of paint fumes) "YES MA'AM!"
Echo puts her head into her hands.

"Who are you talking to?"
The watcher sniffles. No one. I'm not overly attached to Fenris. Nope. I don't have a problem. Clicking noises are heard until she finds what she's looking for, happy sighing can be heard.

WHERE ARE YOU?! (Sobbing sounds)
Unable to take anymore heartbreak, the watcher sends Dagan to see if he will roll the wish to max Writing.

In other, Dragon Age related news (perhaps because I'm on a kick?):

Echo looks like Aveline when she's playing chess. Must be the jawline and chin.
"Huh? Aveline?"

Don't worry, I loved her. Now, I'll need three goats and a sheaf of wheat.
It's a courtship thing. Don't worry.
"You're a strange one..."
Thank you!

(Half-heartedly waves a foam finger) More skilling. Yay.

"Yes! I did it watcher! I did-" (Felix collapses from paint fumes).
Walk it off, buddy. We've got more to do.

Dagan maxed the writing skill after not rolling the wish to max it, so therefore I just took his picture.

You may have cheekbones that can kill, but you're one handsome dude, Dagan.

Felix got an opportunity to catch some fish for money.
Like this family needs more money.

I also thought some fresh air away from spray painting for a day and a half straight would help.
"I. LOVE. FISHING-Oh CRAP! I scared the fish... COME BACK!"

So there we have it. That's like... what... 25 out of 180ish pictures?
More to come! Hopefully less boring.
Probably not. But hopefully. XD

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