Chapter 54: Strong, Silent Type

Hey there, handsome!

Find my Fenris, yet?

Dagan remains silent.

So in the market there's this wonderful singer who's giving us something new to look at...

Fenris! Fenris! Fenris! Fen-

(sighs) Aww....

At least you maxed your painting skill... but wait! NO!

"Do you mind? I'm trying to complete an opportunity here, watcher."
Well then... this is awkward.

(Sighs) Not Fenris... Fine. Let's just speed this along briefly.

Congratulations, Dagan!
He nods.

Time to work on handiness then?
Dagan nods.

Are you a mute?
The watcher sits, perplexed.

Hey, Aveline, Echo!

How goes the logic?


Everything ok?
"Yeah! This is fantastic. I LOVE MARTIAL ARTS!"


Go ahead and stop then, we can work on your Charisma now.
"There's no one to talk to!"
Crap... aww... uhm... oh! Talk to this! You won't gain Charisma, but you'll gain Advanced Technology!

"Oh, you're so awesome! I LOVE you! I'm going to call you Lindsey!"

Back at home, Dagan began working on his logics too.

So what-chya thinking about?

Are you winning?
Alright then...

Echo finally got her chance to get her makeover to include all my new hairs.

You're so gorgeous!
"Thank you!"
Shall we take up some alchemy for those glorious friend potions?
"Let's do it!"
Oh thank the maker you're being agreeable today.
"...Today." She smiled.

Here's an extra picture for emphasis on how pretty she is.

Ah, family bonding.

"Lindsey! Look at my beautiful wife! She's my favorite person! I LOVE her!"
"Sweetie, I love you but I don't want to get this potion wrong."
"Hey look, it's Dagan! HI SON! I LOVE my son! Oh and I have a daughter at home named Sheera. I LOVE Sheera!"

Dagan looks up and sighs before going back to playing chess.
Welp, someone didn't inherit his father's excitable nature...

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