Chapter 58: The Unfortunate Back Up Plan

We left off with Sheera headed for the cake!

Is that blue hair I see? Awww! Let's take a look at our little Sheera in CAS.

Oh... my... gods...


Oh man... I'm melting.

Meanwhile, Dagan called Yolanda to invite her over as he was rolling wishes to go on dates with her, but she was at work. Boo, so he rolled a wish to write her a love letter.
I haven't had a Sim wish for that in a long time. Everyone say it with me: Awwwwwwww!

I then sent him over to check to see if Yolanda was home and then turned back to send everyone to work on their respective skills and what did I discover?

He was talking to newly-aged-up Starr Eames-Nix, Yolanda's little sister. She has eyebrows the size of the St. Louis Arch and a body like a female hulk... and you know what?

Dagan finds Starr Blindingly Stunning (10/10).
The watcher sighs heavily. She's a backup plan if you still feel nothing for Yolanda when it comes time to age up...

(The watcher cries silently at her desire to have her heirs marry someone they're attracted to).
Go home. Now. I'm not thinking about this more tonight.

"How did it go with the girlfriend?"
"She was sleepy so I spent time talking to her younger sister."
Foxglove glares at him. "Don't mess things up with Yolanda. I made her my friend so now I care."
Double for me.

"Stop ganging up on me, I can't help who I'm attracted to."
Oh yes you can. You're going to be attracted to Yolanda and not she-hulk-double-arches Starr.
"What kind of name is Starr anyways?"
Well, if we're being fair, what kind of name is YOLANDA either. Clearly the game does not get my memo about names.
"Have you seen our names, Watcher? Reia? Tessa? Dekit? Leif? Foxglove? Dagan? Sheera? I think we get your memo just fine about your ridiculous name schemes."
Shut up, dissenter Leif.

Speaking of Sheera...
Still singing to her imaginary friend. HOW CUTE IS SHE?

The next day dawns and Echo and Felix worked quietly in the garden next to each other. I can't handle this much longer.

The silly gnomes strike again.

Felix becomes an Elder today, so I took one more picture of his... achievements.

Alright. I can't do this. Felix. Echo. Go to the graveyard together. Pick up the remaining family members who have died there and then TALK.

I force them to talk to each other at the graveyard. Echo broke the ice by talking about their children. I then didn't touch anything and let autonomy take the lead.

"She's got your hair and smile... She's so adorable."

"I've missed you Echo."
"...I've missed you too, Felix."
"What did we fight about again?"
"It doesn't matter... I'm sorry."
"Me too. I LOVE you, I don't like fighting with you."
Well, you're the Hot-Headed one, Felix...
"I don't mean to be! I LOVE my Echo!"

Meanwhile, another woman decided she needs to mourn the dead.
"Excuse me, lady, my wife and I are trying to be romantic here..."
"Seriously. How rude?"

Back at home, the hunt for Fenris is still on.

And still fruitless... (Sighs)

I'll finish this up with a nice picture of our Family Graveyard with all of Generation 3 officially laid to rest.

Now if only that stupid dog that died on the lot would ever go back to the grave so I could get rid of his Tombstone.

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