Chapter 59: Mostly Sheera

We'll start this chapter off showing Foxglove's glowing, adorable pregnancy!

And while several new paintings have surfaced...

None of them are Fenris... (heavy sigh).

Dagan got home from school on the honor roll.
Don't ask me how that happened. He just got on the honor roll. I'm floored. I have proof, but I can't upload it right now because I'm not at home. Meanwhile I had him call up Yolanda and he took her on a date to the Festival.

Awkward baby-sister tagging along.

"Here you go, Lala, have some flowers!"
"Aw! That's so sweet of you!"

Dang, this girl has such a pretty smile.
Please... please just like her, Dagan? Please?
Unfortunately though, she wasn't happy often. Death still plagued her family and I think it was getting in the way of her being able to be happy on their date in a crowded place.

So they went someplace a little... quieter.

"See, now isn't this better?"
The watcher was stunned then. Is that... and 'Attractive Company' moodlet I see?
(Has him gage her attractiveness).
Dagan finds Yolanda Blindingly Stunning (10/10).



They're so cute!

You know who else is cute?

Look at those sweet little eyes.

Felix... you look so serious...
"If any man ever hurts my baby girl they die."
Wow... are you ok?
"I need more advanced weaponry."
We... can work on it... but why don't you just... play with Sheera instead?
"Oh? I LOVE playing with Sheera!"
That switch is a little disconcerting.

"Here comes the claw!"
Those. Eyes.
I'm. Melting.

I'm just going to put my Sheera spam here. Sorry, not sorry. I don't have anything witty to say. She's too adorable.

Such sassy eyes.

Felix had his birthday, so he put down little Sheera so he could age up. Look at that sass!

Speaking of sass. She has Quinn Flanagan's lips. This child is my favorite. That makes her 6 generations of Quinn's lips. Six. She's so cute!
Happy birthday, Felix!

"Yay! I LOVE birthdays!"

"Here we go! Exciting - OH MY BACK!"

And... your outfit is acceptable. I'm not going to change it.
"I LOVE explorer outfits!"
Thank goodness for that.

We've got two more screenshots so... more Sheera!

And that's all I've allocated for this chapter. Onto the next chapter!

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