Chapter 60: More Sheera - and Those Other People

So, from where we left off, Dagan and Yolanda were still on a date. It was creeping towards curfew time, yet there was no notice, nor was there any repercussions. These two stayed out until well past 1:30 in the morning before going home.

Yet, apparently, being in someone's house (invited) at 11:05 will get you arrested.
"Worth it."
I'm glad you feel that way, Dagan.

They were autonomously all over each other. 

The watcher quietly hums the wedding theme as she picks out children's names.
Dagan and Yolanda began to work on their homework side-by-side then. 

"Yeah, so we don't have any beds in our house... are you cool with that?"
"Uhm, where do you sleep?"
"We don't."
"Oh. Cool."
So... accepting.
"Wait, we do have one bed. I forgot. Everyone fights over it."
Unfortunately. Gods forbid your Sleep goes down even SLIGHTLY, you all go running for it at full speed and change into your ugly pyjamas I never picked out for you... really that's the REAL horror story here.
"Yeah... yeah..." 

Meanwhile, while this is going on? I'm obsessively taking pictures of Sheera.

Her in the playpen, her teaching herself to talk.

Playing with the mirror.

Making adorable faces.

Hmm, I took this picture, but... I can't remember who you people are.

Just kidding. I always know Foxglove. That weirdo next to her though...
Back to Sheera...


"Let's get the pretty princess trained!"
Yes. Pretty Princess. Agreed.

I'm not sure what else to say. I've beaten this horse to death, but she's so pretty.

It's too much.

Thankfully, after the last spat, Felix and Echo have fully patched up their relationship and are back to being super adorable.

"We've done good, sweetie."
"That we have, Echo. I've loved every minute of it."

"Getting old isn't fun though. I don't love these old joints..."
No worries, I got this one. We'll get you cane.
"Until then, I've got you, sweetie."

"Hey, have you seen Dagan?"
"Our son?"
Oh! Right! Where is he?

"What's up, Watcher?"
Did Yolanda go home already?
"It's 3am, watcher. Pretty sure she went home hours ago."
Oh. Whoops.
"It's all good."
Are you ready to age up tomorrow?
Alright then...
The watcher sighs. Onward, then.

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  1. I liked Yolanda's sisters better, though it was hard to judge who looked the most or least like an existing Nix (I guess the crudest way of deciding if it's weird or not? Sims don't care though) I love Sheera too, probably because Felix would have looked cuter as a girl. His mum looked fine anyways!