Chapter 61: Bonehilda, Who?

Dagan came home and rolled some wishes for Sheera, because, no surprise, Sheera has everyone wrapped around her little finger.

"What's up, sis?" 

"That's right, sis." 

"Are you ready for our birthday tonight, sis?"
"That's right. Yolanda will be there too!"
"Close enough!" 

"Tickle time!"
"No! No!" Sheera giggles.
This child is too much.

Finally, I got this fantastic picture of the two of them: 

Dagan has Echo's father's (Derek? Derrick? Whatever.) eyes while I've found out that Sheera has Olga's eyes. She's too adorable.

Anyways, it's Friday in game and everyone had piled in the Motive Mobile before going off to do separate things. Leif and Foxglove though, continued to be the adorable couple I'm so happy I forced to make up their minds.

Unfortunately I've realized by this point that Dagan will be a Young Adult tonight and, seeing as we're playing with fire about getting an heir, will need all the space in the household we can get. It was probably the hardest decision I knew I would have to make - Foxglove would have their child and they would all have to move out.

Until then, let's enjoy them for a little while longer.

Meanwhile, Echo took Sheera inside while Dagan, no surprise, texted Yolanda.

Sheera went back to being adorable and playing with her imaginary friend doll.

Oh, and talking to her daddy.

Dagan has become quite the handyman around the house.

"Screwdrivers fix everything."
Apparently so.

Even more random, apparently this family has a Bonehilda.

I literally forgot I bought one. Whoops.
"So you mean we've been cleaning for no reason?"
Well... the last time I let Bonehilda out she died... which I'm pretty sure is not normal and I don't really want everyone to mourn for another Bonehilda.
"They were probably mourning the fact that they suddenly had to clean and repair everything themselves..."

Downstairs the house was quiet and everyone was happily painting.

Find my Fenris yet?
Collectively: "NO. GO AWAY."

Later that day:

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, BABY! IT'S COMING."
Alright, Foxglove love, let's go into the nursery. Sheera won't freak out on you because she's amazing.
"She's a baby... she doesn't understand what's even going on."
Exactly. Amazing. Just as I said.

Leif and Felix: "OH MY GOSH. LABOR. AH."
Echo: "Oh I hope she's alright. Would you two get ahold of yourselves?"

After labor and much pain for poor Foxglove, she ushered into the world a beautiful baby girl.

Name, please?
"Meira! Meira Nix."
Beautiful name, aw, Foxglove I'm going to get all sentimental.

"You're doing what needs to be done for the Dynasty, watcher. We understand."
Will you stay to paint Dagan's portrait at least?
"Of course!"

Leif was in shortly after to visit his new daughter.

"Oh my... she's perfect."

Finally, night was starting to fall and of course everyone's birthdays would fall on the full moon.

Thus, with a Zombie Apocalypse closing in... we'll close this chapter up with it.

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