Chapter 62: Goodbye Foxglove

"Don't worry, babe, I've got this."

They shared a few more kisses before it was time.

Three cakes lined up.
Three beautiful Sims in need of aging.
I'll do these one at a time with pictures of them all dressed afterwards for my own sanity.
Dagan first!

He gained the "Genius" Trait. I didn't even need to write that one down because I remember kicking myself. Echo and Felix both wished for "Dagan to become a Genius" but I canceled it thinking "I'll never roll the Genius trait."
Welp. It happened.

I took one picture without all the hair in his face so everyone could see his face before his normal hair went and covered it up. He's definitely a handsome man! His genetics are rather unique, but I like them.

Now, for his actual makeover.

I just used a Keeper outfit because... lazy.

Of course, this family is still ridiculously ripped.

Next! Yolanda!

She aged up and I moved her into the household to give her a wonderful makeover.

She's gorgeous.
No surprise there, though.

Her lifetime wish? Leader of the Free World. Woah buddy. Rabbit hole job while playing chicken with my heirs? This generation is going to try to kill me, it seems.
Though, after the PI career, nothing really fazes me anymore...
"I LOVE my job."
Shush, we're not talking to you yet.

Finally, and most adorably, Sheera's birthday is next!
No surprise, I took too many pictures.

She gained the Never-Nude trait like Ara. She also has Ara's lips (aka Quinn's lips. I can't get over that. Six generations of Quinn's lips. Wow). Anyways, here she is - stunning.

Now begins the race against the clock to have the heir and jumpstart Yolanda on her career. My gameplan is to go all-wish granting on her and hope I can get her to 50k Lifetime Happiness points for a Honorary Degree and hope that I can Perfect Basil her way to the top quickly.
I was able to complete the Medical career with Ima, but that career requires you to work a whole lot more than the Political Career.
Let's just hope and keep our fingers crossed for a miracle.

So I sent our darling Sheera back to work on some painting because my Fenris painting isn't going to find itself, and this child is too pretty for words.

Both Foxglove and Leif were working on Dagan's portrait.

After they've finished though, I'll have to boot them. The household is simply full and I cannot afford to wait 4+ days for Felix to die just to have an heir (which may or may not be an heir due to their mother's skintone).

At last, Foxglove finished her variant after Leif and hers was a masterpiece, so I picked that one and placed it down in the museum.

I found Foxglove enjoying a last pluck of the bass while Leif watched affectionately.

It's so hard to say goodbye to them, but it has to be done. Foxglove puts the bass away and picks up the phone.

I'm going to miss you terribly, gorgeous. Please take care of yourself and I'll be by to check on you very soon.
"Good luck with getting the heir, watcher!"
Thank you, love. Any last comments from the dissenter?
"I'll miss you, and your nagging... but not for long."
Aww, I'll miss you and your disagreeing, but also not for long.
Watching them disappear off the lot was a difficult thing to do.
So in order to end this chapter on a light-hearted note, here are my crazy gnomes being crazy gnomes.

Goodbye, Foxglove, Leif and Meira. I'll miss all of you.

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