Chapter 63: Return of the Dancing Bunnies

I sent Yolanda to begin to crank out the Charisma skill through whatever means necessary. She's carrying Friendship potions and studying up in every way possible. I have her take a little break because some things needed to be settled.

"Hey babe! I've got a question for you."
"Huh? What is it?" 

"Will you marry me?" 

(Cue adorable yes face).
"Yes! Yes of course!" 

They wasted no time and got married right on the spot.

Then, of course, one cannot forget the most important after-marriage duty!


"Oh, right." 

Yes! Here we go!

Cue: kids music and dancing bunnies.
"We must join the dancing bunnies. We must give them our children."
That's the Spirit!

Dagan went on to paint a few pictures, all new, and none of them Fenris.

I've even started naming them creatively. This one is "Not Fenris 237."
"I thought this one was 'Not Fenris 238?'"
Oh? I've already lost count...
Across the room Sheera was happily painting too.

Dagan interrupted his wife for some other... important after-wedding rituals.

"Here's some pocket-lint babe."
"Aww, thank you! You're so thoughtful babe!"
Then it was back to the dancing bunnies.

Felix got an award from his job again, not sure why, I accidentally closed out of the box without reading it. I get so many Story Progression notifications usually that I just kind of mass-click until they all disappear. Whoops. Sorry Felix.

I then missed the actual award ceremony. I'm doubly a winner today.
"I LOVE my job!"

Later that night Echo got a phone call from her mother Olga that she was hosting a party. Echo was more than happy to go and say hello, and on top of that she also got to meet her little brother!
First things first though, she and Felix were being adorable, as always.

So they packed it up and went to go visit my darling Olga! HI OLGA! I'VE MISSED YOU! I'M SORRY ABOUT YOUR HAIR.

"S'ok, it happens apparently. At least I got to get married and have another child."
"Why are you yelling?"
"You haven't been sleeping much, have you?"
Meanwhile, this is Arnold, Echo's little brother.

Don't ask me where the red skintone came from. I'm not even sure myself. When I looked he was on the Red slider and Olga is on the rainbow while Derrick (Derek?) was on the green slider... (shrugs) I'm exhausted and Sims genetics don't make sense. He's gorgeous either way and he's definitely Derek's (Derrick?).
So there you have it! We're all caught up now and I've gone through 300+ pictures in these past few days! Time to dive back in and play some more. Apologies for lack of wit in these chapters. I've been pretty tired lately and had a rough day so my snark wasn't coming as naturally as it normally does. (Shrugs).
Over and out!

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  1. Are there any reds in Arnold's family line? I don't think EA's genetics use the grandparents' skins (some have claimed it but I'm really suspicious of those claims) but I know it's part of NRaas StoryProgression. Or you figured this mystery out in a later chapter, I dunno! At least he has the family cheekbones if Echo's dare to die out (ha!)